4,000,000 Beagles looking for a home after being rescued from a US cattery

Nearly 4,000 beagle puppies are looking for homes after animal rescue organizations began taking them from a farm in Virginia, USA, where they were sold to drug testing labs.

Last May, a Cumberland steakhouse owned by Envigo RMS was sued by the US Department of Justice for multiple counts of animal cruelty. After the company was shut down due to animal rights violations, the organization is taking in the dogs and putting them up for adoption.

Kitty Block, director of the Humane Society, told Reuters that it would take 60 days for all the animals to be removed from the slaughterhouse and they would work with their shelter partners and rescue partners across the country. to take dogs to loving homes. Previously, the animals received medical care, vaccinations and other treatments before being put up for adoption.

According to the organization, state inspectors found that the “hounds” were dead in the zoo and that the female dogs were not fed. The food they received from others was not good, as there were worms and even faeces. In addition, 25 dogs died of asphyxiation.

Some of the animals have been moved to the US, for example 200 animals have been moved to Southern California. Charities said many of the pups were showing signs of injury, while others were unable to play because they had never played before.

The recovery is part of a larger effort that began long ago, said Virginia Republican Senator Bill Stanley, who explained that he was unsuccessful in closing the smokehouse in 2019. years, we have not stopped fighting,” he told Reuters.

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