A controversial businessman from Ibiza is arrested, who threatens the authorities and biologists in the investigation of the destruction of Posidonia.

Evaristo Soler Cardona, a businessman who is under investigation due to many reports of organized crime related to his activities (rental service in the bay of Porroig, famous for its Posidonia forests), was arrested this Wednesday by the Civil Guard, sources confirmed by the Armed the institute elDiario.es. The report also states that the detainee was given a hearing, his rights were read to him (with the help of an attorney), he was released, and waited for the judge to agree to the hearing. court, when he thinks fit.

The facts under investigation begin in the context of certain actions issued by the City of San Josep (Eivissa) for 37,000 euros to two professional diving companies, Eivisub and Servisub, resulting from the removal of 91 of the 112 dead (illegal anchor structures). found on the sea, carried out between 11 and 26 April, thanks to the research carried out by the environmental organization GEN-GOB Eivissa as a benchmark.

The study concluded that 78% of the dead were caught in Posidonia forests in the bay, included in the government law for the protection of Posidonia as a common area, in its outer part and important place for conservation. , in its place. For these reasons anchoring is prohibited. “The seabed of Porroig is one of the deadliest places of Pitiuses,” said elDiario.es Xisco Sobrado, a technician in the marine area of ​​GEN-GOB, referring to the corpses placed in the law and the boats they stand on. anchor and chain. Even if this situation is changed with the anchorage limit, it will take a long time for the sea to recover and recover, laments Sobrado.

“I have insurance, I kill you, nothing happens”

Maltesa del Mar is a park that works to clean the seabed from the most damaged beaches and bays of Eivissa. A month after the completion of the work of the San Josep Municipality, four of its members dived into the waters of Porroig Bay on apnea to examine and record the condition of the hull of the sea, where they found twelve dead men who did not recover.

While they were diving, Pablo Montoto and one of his friends saw a small boat approaching them, driven by the Soler Cardona who is now investigating, according to divers, who asked and they what they are doing in this place, saying that it is not possible. there, as he is “the authority of the district”. “I don’t want to see you here again, I have insurance so I will run over you and kill you and nothing will happen,” Soler Cardona allegedly warned them, according to to the suspect that Malteza del Mar submitted to the civil protection department. . Since the leader was following them at a distance of less than two meters, they were afraid of the threat, according to the applicants, they decided to stop their work and go back to the shore.

Coming out of the water, he met two friends from the platform, outside when the events described took place. According to the indictment, they continued to arrest and photograph them, yelled at them that they could not do it without permission, and insisted that they not be there. .

“Avisa is very small, we will meet again, I know who you are, you don’t know who I am, you know, you are playing my work, my son’s university is on top.” He was strong, and introduced himself to them as Evaristo Cardona, who was “the main person there” and “known” by the citizens and the security forces of the government and groups, according to the complain. After the incidents, Pablo Montoto called 112 to call the police equipment of the area of ​​San Josep, but as it did not happen, he continued to receive threats and insults from the candidate – always on suspicion – they decided to leave the place.

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