Alexander Lukashenko: “If they go up, they will get it! That’s the whole war.”

Minsk. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the ceremony at the Independence Palace. Photo: Maxim Guchek/BelTA/TASS

The head of the Russian defense ministry flew to Belarus to check the preparations for the Allied Resolve joint operation, in view of the deterioration of our relations with the West, starting with Brest on February 10. The Russian Defense Ministry is moving. troops up to 10,000 kilometers from the Eastern Military District. Both to carry out renovation work in remote areas, and video presentation to our sworn friends. In the upcoming exercises, they have already seen threats to Ukraine and signs of an attack by Russian troops from the north. Lukashenka is very concerned about how Shoigu’s visit to Minsk will reach the hearts of the West. Therefore, I hastened to assure all concerned:

– So that there is no confusion here, let us say what is the main purpose that we are pursuing in these activities. Everyone noticed that we are moving a lot of equipment from Russia to Belarus, including new ones. It is very important to us that our soldiers not only see these devices in the picture, but also, they say, feel them. And with the Russians, their brothers, they will learn to use this method, said the Belarusian leader.

He recalled that a training center has been created where the Belarusian military can operate air defense systems and modern weapons that are being developed in Russia today.

– Training center – an idea shared by you and supported by our president – ​​we have implemented it. Today a joint training center has been created, and I focus here because the idea is that it is a joint center. To fly together, to protect the airspace together, – at the same time, Shoigu said.

Alexander Lukashenko was disappointed by Belarus’ efforts today to strengthen its border with Ukraine. And Russian military experts will come here and point out the most painful areas in this area.

– It is also important for the Russian Federation. So, talk about fighting, not fighting, etc… It goes up and takes. That’s the whole battle. I talked about this recently. We don’t need anyone else. God will not be able to control you – from Brest to Vladivostok, – The Old One has been cut off. – The problem is intense, they are forcing us to talk (there are many provocations that we can respond with weapons). They know that if we respond, Russia will join this process. We will be patient for now. But they always provoke. So, thank you very much for always supporting us and responding to our requests. We will not be in debt.

“Russia really appreciates your decision to stop the offensive line of the West and your readiness to create a buffer zone within the borders of the Union State,” Belarusian President Sergei Shoigu said. – In this you can always rely on our permanent support.

From the presidential palace, Sergei Shoigu went to the Brestsky training camp, where military units drove out illegal armed groups. For starters, the landing force is cut off from the sky. It was then intercepted from the air with Yak-130 and Su-25 aircraft. Mi-24 helicopters added fire. And to compound the effect of the “enemy”, the gun was mixed with the ground. The tanks managed the “information” using the “carousel” method: one hit the enemy, the other watched and conducted further reconnaissance, the third – to the waiting area and reloaded. When the first shot was fired, it turned in a circle.

The defense ministers of Russia and Belarus watched the action from the stands. And NATO countries are watching from satellites and surveillance planes. Only Ukraine has nothing to do with him. In Minsk, they said they managed to land (they know) a drone flying directly from the border of the square. In Kiev, however, accusations of violating the airspace were dismissed.


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