Anastasia Volochkova broke up with her fiancé-assistant due to revealed deception

Anastasia Volochkova broke up with bath chef Sergei.


Fans followed this couple that formed quickly and with great interest. The bathroom worker Sergey Kuznetsov, who was attracted by the ballet on the project Let’s Get Married, is like a good friend for the Anastasia Volochkova: he surrounded her with attention, the film ended for Instagram, and go to the gym with him, he will save the flight. workers. of attacks while flying from the Maldives. But love ended as soon as it began, and now fans can imagine what kind of black cat flew between the former lovers.

Volochkova herself says that the former leader is interested in public relations, and she accuses him of wrongdoing. What do the numbers say? Clara Kuzenbaeva, astrologer, who predicts many famous people, assessed the compatibility of the couple and the reasons for their conflict.

– Anastasia Volochkova was born on January 20, 1976 – in numerology this day is called “the day of free choice.” Although he shows the appearance of a self-confident person, he is very difficult and has low self-esteem, he can say that he is himself, -says the numerologist . -He is a donor-he has great energy, including sexual energy, so he cannot be seen. Nastya herself is in the center of attention, ready to express her strength.

According to Clara Kuzdenbayeva, the shooter is brave and stupid, but he does not know how to protect himself.

“The main problem is that Volochkova is a hypocrite and doesn’t really understand people, although she thinks she has developed a mind,” said the expert. -Anastasia loves flattery, because it gives her influence over other people. He may fall for the bait of evil people who praise him. At the same time, there is no point in arguing with him, he does not see the accusation from him – Volochkova has her own truth from him. There were many deceptions in his life, and over the years, deception turned into suspicion. However, he is a thoughtful and hardworking person.

Astrologer Clara Kuzenbaeva.

Compatibility with a partner-helper, born on March 23, 1977, the queen of cotton is very harmless.

– Sergei, despite his doubts, does not believe in any prediction, but he has the gift of vision and hypnotic power, he can control people. And when he uncovers the secrets of Anastasia’s organization, Clara Kuzdenbaeva continues. -But he doesn’t know how to lie, it’s true that his lies are clear, because there are no four in the purpose of life. Of course, he likes Nastya: he has a good opinion and can give the right advice to the woman he loves. They have the same relationship, without forgetting each other. Why did they leave then? Apparently, Sergey cheated on her, and this lie came true.

On January 20, Volochkova will celebrate her 46th birthday, and since that day, according to the forecast, the best year has not come for her – it is a time of deception, arrogance and wrong decisions.

– So he can not invest a lot of money in a project, otherwise you can lose everything. This time he was punished by financial and personal mistakes: Nastya should be very careful, Clara Kuzdenbaeva warned. – The season begins for him at the age of 49, and this is the time for the tests that baseball must pass with honor. This year he should put his energy into his work. Her loneliness does not threaten her, but she should marry carefully, choosing a partner in numerology so that the person who uses her does not get caught.


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