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Thirty years have passed since the signing of the Treaty at Camp David.


Almost 30 years ago, Russia signed the “freedom law.” They signed, as is customary in the territory of the war, at the country residence of the President of the United States of America at Camp David. The document was officially titled the Declaration on the End of the Cold War.

It was signed by the President of the Russian Federation Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin.

In fact, at this event he was a hypocrite. Ever since the US fought the Cold War with the USSR, not a Russian Federation. But, on February 1, 1992, there was no need to meet with Gorbachev, Bush Sr. wanted to. to hold a big event.

The first president of independent Russia went out of his way to say that he liked everything very much, adding that “we all won the Cold War.”

Boris Nikolaevich did not know that two days before, during his speech in the United States Congress, George W. Bush declared with admiration that “With the help of God, he won America in the Cold War”.

This is a brief introduction to the past. Losses should be remembered. This is better than endless praise.

Putin, of course, did not forget this day – February 1, 1992. And the “American friends” did not miss the opportunity to remind him.

This was first recalled in 2001, when the ABM Treaty was terminated. Then began the expansion of NATO, which, among other things, abolished the restrictions of the Treaty on Armed Forces in Europe (CFE).

In 2004, the former Soviet Baltic states joined NATO.

Moscow did not have much to say and kept talking about friendship.

But, in 2003, Khodorkovsky’s last-ditch attempt to sell Russia’s largest oil company, Yukos, to American corporations failed. This is a critical moment to determine the future course of America’s relationship with a geopolitical enemy that seems to be falling forever. What is left of him…

In the early 2000s, the Yukos case was considered a little in the geopolitical context, but to no avail. And Russia, at the end of 2003, completely rejected the colonial power that was given to it, and gave its main resources to the hero.

In February 2007 in Munich, Putin issued a final warning to the West, to which the West responded indifferently in April 2008 at the Bucharest summit. There, the US will try to complete the project to promote NATO (provide MAP) on the border of Georgia and Ukraine.

But, three and a half months later, Georgia’s “Peace Enforcement Operation” took place. What we know is the war 08.08.08.

Then there was more. You can remember the second Maidan, Crimea, Donbass, Syria.

But what no one in the West remembers today is America’s victory in the Cold War. And if they are suddenly worried, they are very stupid and quick, so as not to fall on the sudden questions.

What happened? Where did the victory go?

What is happening today around Ukraine, some call it “Putin’s bluff.” Even if you look at the 20-year depth of history, then the crisis on the Russo-Ukrainian border and the ultimatum from the Russian Foreign Ministry are not the same as the the nature of the nature of the problem.

Russia has been assessing the consequences of the Cold War for two decades. Carefully, he moved the threat from its borders, all over the place. East, South, West. Grunting, playing a game of diplomacy and method, using force, where politics requires the use of military muscle.

Those who talk about “bluff” for some reason do not dare to draw a direct logical line from Belarus to Karabakh. From Kazakhstan to Ukraine.

Capricious Minsk, in the last two years, managed to cut its multi-vector path, today it conducts large-scale joint operations on its territory and pledges loyalty to the Union.

Kazakhstan in Nazarbayev has been “reduced to zero.” Coming to power MGIMO graduate of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokaev, was strongly supported by five thousand Russian soldiers. And the “pro-Western” president Pashinyan actually served as the chairman of the CSTO, who knows who today is the guardian of Armenia’s existence.

However, Putin’s most important undoing of the consequences of the Cold War is Ukraine, which is an integral and important part of the thousand-year-old Russia.

There are no conflicts or conflicts.

Ukraine is the last but most important result of the disaster in 1991. Until this wound is healed, the conquest of Russia will remain unfinished.


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