Banks will strengthen control over Russian accounts and transfers: who may be affected

All the news about “tightening account controls” raises a lot of questions.

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Banks will do more to monitor money transfers between people and strengthen control over suspicious accounts. This is one of the steps set out in the government’s road map for regulating cryptocurrencies.

The practice is not new, banking industry experts told website. The Central Bank’s September procedural guidelines for increasing the attention of credit institutions to individual transactions of individual consumers are dedicated to it. Most banks do.

The training manual explains what and who to fight in this way. This is the forgiveness of the fruits of sin, illegal business activities. In particular, it follows from the recommendations of the Central Bank, that the authorities want to prevent the settlements of the shadow gambling business (under online casinos and online casinos), illegal participants to the financial market (money sellers of the “left”, managers of dollar banking activities), as well as cryptocurrency exchanges (and this is the question of why the control of people’s accounts is involved in cryptocurrency roadmap).

Most people, of course, are not opposed to the Central Bank doing more to fight against bank robbers and others like that. But every report on “enhancing accounting controls” usually raises a number of questions ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Why, now it is not possible to transfer 100 rubles to a neighbor? And if you keep sending money to your parents in another country, won’t they block your account, considering the regular receipts as income from illegal business activities?

– The criteria by which suspicious accounts are “filtered” (see “General”) are far from the characteristics of most citizens. It is unlikely that you will receive transfers from many people every day or more than a million per month. At the same time, investors are also interested in many such features. Information about suspicious behavior is “clear” and included in the follow-up”, explains Sergey Sukhhostavets, director of business development at Rocket Work (a program for work with freelancers). – If suddenly your relatives remember your birthday and send you a cash gift, do not worry about blocking your account, even if it seems that there are signs of suspicious transactions. But those who receiving every day, not once a year, many transactions from different people for goods or services, should be worried. And it is better to register as an individual. Otherwise, it will be found you not only stop the work, but also the termination of the financial contract.


What interpretations are considered doubtful

Its benchmarks are within the Central Bank’s September guidelines. All of these apply to individuals, that is, to citizens.

-Too many transfers from the same account to the same account from different people (or different people), for example, from 10 different people (or people) per day, more than 50 per month.

– The number of transactions with credit and (or) credit varies, for example, more than 30 transactions per day.

– Large volumes of transactions between people, for example, more than 100 thousand rubles per day, more than 1 million rubles per month.

-There is a very short time (one minute or less) between the payment and the credit of the money.

-The average balance of money in the electronic bank account or card at the end of the day during the week does not exceed 10% of the average amount of daily transactions in in this account (that is, in a general sense, some money will always go. saying that they do not stay there even in the evenings).

– Due to the large number of transactions, the typical payments of ordinary people are not made from the account: the payment of the apartment, mobile phone, food, goods and services.

-From the same device (for example, a phone), the transactions are carried out by different people (it is not a question of two people who can be a man and a woman, but of the “flying” itself).


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