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The tandem of presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr and her running mate, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, have been assured of a landslide win in Negros Occidental, former Mayor Esteban “Sonny” Coscolluela, provincial spokesman for the BBM-Sara tandem in the province, said.

This was the reaction of Coscolluela following the release of a survey result commissioned by the Robredo People’s Council, which was shared to the media by former Gov. Rafael Coscolluela, that VP Leni is comfortably ahead with 41 percent against 30 percent of Marcos in the province.

Aside from the 28 mayors in Negros Occidental, several organizations like youth, drivers, LGBTQ, fisherfolks, urban poor, among others have already pledged support for BBM as the election nears, BBM provincial spokesman Coscolluela said.

Even in an area they claimed to be their stronghold, BBM will win, he added.

“They have realized that among the presidential aspirants, BBM showed sincerity in his aim to uplift our lives, based on the platform of government that he laid down,” Coscolluela stressed.

He strongly debunked claims of harassments to supporters of other presidential candidates, stressing there have been no records of complaints lodged in police stations, especially in the fourth district, as they claimed.

As to dirty tricks allegedly employed by the BBM camp, former Mayor Coscolluela said that their supporters are engaged in high level of campaigning.

BBM will win in honest and peaceful elections, he added.

The two sons of Marcos, Simon and Vincent, visited the 4th district of Negros Occidental on April 22, where they warmly welcomed by about 9,500 residents Bago City and Pontevedra, led by Vice Gov. Jeffrey Ferrer and his wife, Rep. Juliet Marie Ferrer.

Louise “Liza” Araneta, the wife of Marcos Jr., hails from Bago City.*

BBM-Sara assured landslide win – NegOcc spokesman | WSN[Whatsapp Status New]


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