Bolshunov: Tears flowed on the last lap, here it is: championship gold

Russian figure skater Alexander Bolshunov won the figure skating and won the first Olympic gold of his career. That gold was the first for the Russian team at the Olympics in Beijing.

In the last three kilometers, it seems that you have already taken drugs. Almost dancing, smiling. How does it feel to drive and know that in two minutes your dream will come true?

Alexander Bolshunov: These are empty feelings. I ran the last lap with tears in my eyes: this: Olympic gold. Right time, right time, right time, I’ll take it, I’ll win, I’ll take what every athlete in the world has trained for years, trying to achieve they look good at the Olympics. Therefore, I want to thank Beijing and China, which made me an Olympic champion.

Is there a precedent for this victory yesterday, before yesterday?

Alexander Bolshunov: Preparations before and after the Tour de Ski. I knew there was nowhere to go down. There’s only one way: climb the stairs. It was believed that he could win. Even three or four days ago when I did the interval training, I was fast and I cried, because my speed was lower than my training speed. I didn’t finish my work and went to the hotel. But, apparently, it still had to go through this to make it look good these days.

It is true that you spoke on the phone with Yuri Viktorovich Borodavko and asked him what was going on …

Alexander Bolshunov: He breathed and fell silent. He doesn’t know what to do. But he believed that the job was done and everything should be fine. Yesterday, when we called, he said: calm down everything will be fine.

Wasn’t everything perfect?

Alexander Bolshunov: It’s kind of simple. It’s impossible to become an Olympic champion just like that. You know what the path is, why you have to take it to win today.

Did you expect the Norwegians to “fall” today?

Alexander Bolshunov: I don’t know what to say about this.

The coach of the national team Sergey Turyshev said that this track is perfect for you…

Alexander Bolshunov: I don’t know about me, not for me, but the conditions here are very difficult, the weather is difficult, the route is difficult, there are two climbs of 300-350 meters. It’s a very difficult path. I’m glad that the difficult track is in the Olympics and not in the World Cup.

When the flag ends, is it a dream?

Alexander Bolshunov: This is not true. So I did

When you hit the first rate or were you worried?

Alexander Bolshunov: No worries. He fell down and calmed down. I knew I had to start. If you don’t lose, you don’t become an Olympic champion. So, it can be said that this fall was planned.

When Ivo Niskanen led the classic stage, did you bravely run after him, or did you plan to stay, wait…

Alexander Bolshunov: Where are you waiting! How long will you wait? Even in Pyeongchang there was a chance, but it didn’t work out. But, it seems, everything has to be won.

Before the race started, Klebo was considered the favorite. Did you pay attention?

Alexander Bolshunov: If there is information, I can only get it from Anna’s wife. What’s going on in the news right now, I don’t know, really.

Were you able to talk to him?

Alexander Bolshunov: Yes, a little. They looked at each other.

What words did they say to Spitsov when they saw him at the finish line with open arms.

Alexander Bolshunov: I don’t know, you have to ask him. Our words are known. I told him that we have done it and where it should be.

Wings appear after this gold, now you have to go to the street to show that you are not alone who became an Olympic champion?

Alexander Bolshunov: You win in a minute, is it a coincidence?

Who will you dedicate the victory to?

Alexander Bolshunov: I really believed in all the fans, everyone was worried. It is the family that really cares. I want to thank my father, his birthday was yesterday. Yesterday there was no gift, but I know the competition is the next day, and that’s the biggest gift I can give.

When did you think you won?

Alexander Bolshunov: When I got the space for a minute, I knew it was time to step up.

You’ve won it all: the Olympics, the World Championships, the World Cup. What is the motivation now?

Alexander Bolshunov: We will wait and see.


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