British TV presenters will be able to swear on air, depending on the time of day.

British TV presenters need to find the right information.

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The British agency that controls television and radio broadcasting standards in the kingdom conducted a study in 2020 to find out what offensive and offensive content is unacceptable for broadcasting .

Respondents were asked not only to carefully examine the list of those words, including the symbols, but also to rank them according to the degree of acceptance.

In total, the list is about 150 curses related to race, ethnicity and religion, sex, gender, parts and organs of the human body.

As a result, the researchers received three separate lists, which divided English curses into three categories: simple, medium and hard.

British words like shit, ass, hell in simple words. In the middle – a donkey or a pig. The category of the most powerful is: a pig, a pig, a fool, and words similar to the Russian matte.

Almost all profanity containing sexual connotations was rated by respondents as very offensive. The negative idioms of English words indicate, almost always in a sarcastic or negative context, self-indulgence, promiscuity, a woman of little social responsibility, considered by most a person with a bad attitude.

The study was conducted to find out: what words the presenters expressed with heart or not during the announcement, should be penalized. And those who were surveyed thought that blasphemy was unacceptable, they considered it a mild and bad language, in programs broadcast before 9:00 pm But mild they think it is good for children’s television programs.

The survey also found that British TV viewers are becoming less exposed to racist and discriminatory language and content. There has also been an increase in the number of people who have started to use sarcastic words to covertly insult people with disabilities.

Finally, presenting their results, the officials explained that the largest study in recent years was conducted to re-evaluate broadcasting standards, which must “take into account the protection of viewers and those listen, especially the children.”


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