Cardiologist called a drink to reduce sugar and cholesterol

Researchers in the US have found that drinking coffee helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The drink can be recommended to drink to everyone. But, as explained, under the fulfillment of the dose.

Drinking coffee in a well-defined quantity, if there is no strong sensitivity to coffee, is allowed even for heart disease patients. The priest spoke about it.

“If there is no harm to health, two cups of coffee a day can be drunk, even for those with heart problems,” says psychologist Anna Korenevich, Candidate of Health Sciences.

However, it should also be remembered that, in some cases, drinking coffee can trigger an emergency response from the body, for example, a panic attack.

“Caffeine is known individually. For many, the heart rate increases for a short time, and for someone who is prone to panic attacks, an unknown situation can provoke in this attack. In other words, coffee is not the cause of panic attacks, but a trigger, “explained the doctor, saying that all these things were determined by a cardiologist and the problem disappeared.

In general, drinking coffee is associated with many health benefits, confirmed by Anna Korenevich, citing research. So, the drink (preferably without milk and without sugar) reduces the risk of developing diabetes in patients with coronary heart disease. The explanation is that this applies to both ground coffee and instant coffee. Choose the one that suits you.

“If a person eats one or two cups of black coffee without sugar, the risk of diabetes is reduced by half,” said the cardiologist.

Also, as part of the study, experts from the United States found that two cups of black coffee without sugar helps to reduce cholesterol levels, according to Korenevich.


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