Concentration camps and totalitarianism. In Germany came up with a “secret plan” plan for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

BILD newspaper published the fraudulent “Russian plan” for Ukraine.


The Germans were not shy. They showed that one of the world’s greatest storytellers, Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann, was born and raised in his country at one time. If Hoffmann’s fairy tales were magical, today’s German journalists and intelligence officers are as cruel as crooked-toothed magicians. Although, we admit it, you can not deny them the fantasy.

BILD newspaper published the “Russian plan” for Ukraine, referring to German intelligence data. Americans after reading the “revelation” can bite their elbows with envy, to themselves or to others.

So, what did the “evil Russian” do? Chapter One – Using your great military advantage, defeat the Ukrainian army in the “open field”. (You know that the new war had to take place only in the “open field”. The Germans still suffered from Prokhorovka and the Kursk Bulge)

Allegedly, immediately afterwards, Moscow sent the Russian army to surround and besiege Ukrainian cities (this is the second chapter of the German fairy tale), and the special services continued to create the smart room.

The third chapter talks about a fictitious parliament and even a “reserve government”.

The fourth chapter deals with the fight against insurgents. Here, according to BILD, an unshaven, crooked, crooked-toothed GULAG ghost, dressed in a quilted shirt and jacket thrown over him, and a crooked mud hat on Budyonovka, rising to its most formidable height above the old square. With horror, he realized that this part of nonsense talks about camps, organization of centers for justice and non-Ukrainians, etc. Beautiful, isn’t it? (Psychologists call it “transition”: sitting down, leaving, being represented by someone else. Weren’t the Germans ridding themselves of this monster 80 years ago?)

and what is all this? (This is the last chapter!) Of course! Here, even the planners in the German school respond, not only in secret, to keep in this pseudo-“police” that calls the “national proposal for the join Russia” and create a “State of the Union of Russia. , Belarus and Ukraine”.

As BILD writes, “the most serious attack at the moment is the most likely situation”, the plan should start this February, and “the FSB is working with the Russian government on the invasion plan and preparing this time to support-Russia. groups to spread to Ukraine”. .

Of course, Hoffmann would be jealous and roll over in his grave, but he wouldn’t act out of contempt for those narrators. I also do not know, not only in the US, but also in Germany, despise their readers and continue to hang noodles in his ears until there is nothing to breathe?

Not only that, not all crazy people can come up with such stupid things, only very talented people. But also the meaningless statements of stupid words show about the unprofessionalism and dilettantism, which should drive the employees from special services. FSB – gentlemen, bad intelligence officers and ignorant journalists – this is not intelligence, but intelligence. It is necessary for you to write in your reports and reports for the GRU or the SVR, but you will be in trouble even if it is simple. Therefore, it continues to scare the religious reader of the West with the new Russian GULAG. Fear not Auschwitz, not Dachau. Those connections are not possible.

But it is not clear why, according to German information, Putin wants to stay in Ukraine and join Russia, or to create a new State Union. After all, these are two different situations.

Most importantly, BILD is not in Germany, with local knowledge, and the American agency Bloomberg, who spoke “falsely” last night about “Russia’s attack on Ukraine”, looking for a reasonable answer to a simple question: ” Why? Why is all this necessary for Russia, especially, for Putin?

Because they cannot answer, although Hoffmann has been moved, but also the souls of all the great storytellers of the world.

They lie. They never lie, they just lie.


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