Demand for cars from abroad jumped in Russia

The choice in the Russian car market has been in demand for a long time, so private sellers and private companies that offer to import a car from abroad came to help the customer. This service is very popular among Russians, because the price does not match the “cheats” of the customer.

Foreign countries help us.

Against the background of the shortage of new cars and cars in Russia, buyers have turned to foreign cars and foreign cars.

According to Avito Avto, in 2021 the demand for imported cars will increase by 105%, and the supply will increase by 160% compared to the previous year. You see, private sellers and private companies to import old cars from abroad had the opportunity to implement such a service.

According to Droma’s analyst Danil Butov, in the face of shortages, rising prices and the impossibility of buying a new car without special parts, buyers are interested in cars that are three to five years old age. Among other things, the demand for these machines from abroad has increased significantly, because there are more “live” offers out there.

At the same time, Denis Reshetnikov, the head of the new car dealer network, says that foreign cars are technically better because the operating conditions are easier in our country.

Imported cars are most in demand in Moscow and the Moscow region – the metropolitan area accounted for 13.8% of their total sales, according to Avito Auto. Also among the leading regions in terms of demand for “foreigners” it is worth noting the Krasnodar region, the share of which is 10.2%.

According to Nikolai Baskakov, director of Avilon, Used Cars, the capital region and the Krasnodar Territory are characterized by a higher price, so the figures for imported cars play against them.

“The great demand for imported cars in the capital region is easy to explain – this is the largest market. In the Krasnodar region, there are different reasons: there is a port infrastructure, cars are imported from United Arab Emirates: it is the second distribution point in Europe after Japan for cars and spare parts.

Imports of Japanese vessels through Vladivostok are also increasing. This is done by companies that fully manage everything: they buy a car in the Japanese market, and then take care of all the issues of local taxes, paperwork, delivery and delivery method,” says Danil Butov.

For rubles

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Meanwhile, the average price of imported used cars in 2021 reached 750 thousand rubles, 27% more than the previous year. Therefore, the price of new (+20%, up to 2,1 million rubles) and used cars in Russia (+20,8%, up to 350 thousand rubles) has increased. Imported Toyota Camry (+91.4%) and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (+60.2%) added the highest price, although these models have been officially released in our country.

As Denis Reshetnikov explains, the growth in the price of cars from abroad is explained, first of all, by the difference in the exchange rate, because foreign trade is conducted in euros, dollars or In addition, initially the prices for cars from the Russians were different, because the technical equipment was different.

“Car shortage due to lack of electronic parts is a global trend. Used car prices are rising in Japan too, the best options are being sold in the markets at a high price, a lot demand.The Toyota Camry and Land Cruiser Prado are the most popular cars and are popular models of high quality and reliable machines.

For this reason, these models are among the first to increase in price, and when prices fall, however, the value will be lower, and will be included in the last. Marketing and other marketing methods show the “authentic” image that Toyota has created among consumers around the world,” says Danil Butov.

Secrets of Japanese Centenarians

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Overall, in terms of demand, the 5 most popular imported car brands are Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Renault, and Mitsubishi. And the most popular imported models, according to Avito Auto, are the Toyota Alphard minivan, Nissan Leaf electric car, Honda Stepwgn minivan, Toyota Crown executive sedan and Toyota Estima minivan.

In addition, the two cars that are not officially recognized on the Russian car market (Nissan Leaf, Honda Stepwgn, Toyota Crown, Toyota Estima, Honda Fit, Honda Freed, Honda Elysion) and mass-segment models that sold in the territory of our country. high demand among consumers (Toyota Alphard, Camry and Land Cruiser Prado). It should also be noted that the top ten importers have 9 models from the Toyota and Honda lines at the same time – cars of these brands account for more than 50% of demand in the segment.

According to Denis Reshetnikov, Japanese cars are always in demand among Russians, especially Toyota and Honda models, because of their strength and reliability. The electrical components and transmission of cars of these brands are impeccable – they are quiet and react to low-quality fuel and the nature of Russian roads.

In addition, Japanese foreign cars are considered one of the most liquid, and there are very few secondary markets for them today. Another advantage of these machines for their owners is the ease of operation: the “Japanese” does not need to be adjusted regularly, and spare parts are not short.

“The requirements for managing Toyota and Honda vehicles are the same. The difference is in the cost of maintenance: Honda is considered a more difficult brand to maintain, because there are not many Honda dealers in the country, and some types of work related to diagnostics and repairs cannot be done in the car. unauthorized service center, “said Vladimir Zhelobov, director of the used car department of the AvtoSpetsTsentr group of companies.

In general, according to him, it is now good to bring cars 3-5 years old, for the lowest prices on prices. The total of these costs depends on the year of manufacture, engine status and price of the car and the number of mandatory fees.


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