Dmitry Peskov: Boris Yeltsin is a very important political figure, he occupies his own special place in the country’s history.

Press Secretary to the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.


On Tuesday, February 1, a reporter from Komsomolskaya Pravda started talking with the press secretary of the head of state with the following questions…

– … Dmitry Sergeevich, today is the birthday of the first president of Russia, Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin. Is there a tradition that will be celebrated today?

This is what, verbatim, Peskov replied:

– Traditional ceremonies, after all, family and friends place flowers on the grave. There is no government protocol for this purpose.

– But I want to say that Vladimir Vladimirovich called relatives, Naina Iosifovna.

– Yes, yes, he usually calls her. I will not rule out today that the president will also decide to call him. But I’m not sure.

– Please tell us, if this is known, you will show it. Right?

– Yes, absolutely.

– And I can’t ask that question. How does the Kremlin deal with this political and historical situation? I mean, Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin.

– As they always do.

This is a great politician who left his mark forever in the history of our country. And it has a special place in the history of our country.

– So I wonder: how many people were left from the former Yeltsin supporters in the Kremlin, in the presidential administration?

– Yeltsin’s paintings… I will tell you. From Yeltsin’s paintings… Yes, there it is. Some are.

– We will not go to the list, yes, I think?

– I don’t see the point.

– Thank you very much, Dmitry Sergeevich!

– It’s my pleasure.


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