Energoatom announced the aggravation of the situation in the ZNPP, there is smoke due to the shelling of the Russian Federation

On August 11, the Russian army attacked the Zaporozhye NPP area at least three times, the state-owned company Energoatom reported on its cable channel.

According to the company, it is “very close to the first electronic unit.”

“They vandalized the sewage pumping station of the village. There was a lot of smoke nearby. The situation is getting worse, because radiation sources are near and various radiation sensors are breaking down,” the report said.

Before that, Energoatom announced the Russian bombing of the fire station located on the territory of the ZNPP which was built to protect against fires.

On August 11, Energoatom reported another bombing of the Zaporozhye nuclear plant by Russian forces, at least 10 “comes”. After these attacks, the company was informed that the situation was under control and that the radiation level was within normal limits.

On August 5, according to Energoatom, after the Russian explosion, Zaporozhye nuclear power removed one of the three power units from the network. Later it was discussed, among other things, an “arrival” at the ZNPP industrial site. After that, the Russian side accused the Ukrainian army of this bombing of the nuclear facility.

After that, Energoatom announced that more Russian bombs, in particular, hit the ZNPP site right next to the spent nuclear fuel storage facility.

Russia accuses the Ukrainian military of bombing the Zaporizhia nuclear plant and asks the UN Security Council to hold a meeting on August 11 to discuss issues related to the nuclear plant of Zaporozhye.

Since March 4, Russian troops have seized the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. There is also a satellite city of the Zaporizhia NPP – Energodar.

Russia launched a major offensive against Ukraine on February 24, but failed to achieve its goals, especially the capture of Kyiv, due to the strong resistance of the Ukrainians.

On April 22, Russia announced new plans for the “second phase” of the “special operation” in Ukraine (as the entire attack is called there). The Russian military has expressed its desire to establish full control over Donbass and southern Ukraine so that Crimea can add a land route and access to Transnistria.

However, according to Western intelligence, Russia’s successes in the Donbass have been limited and the Russian military has suffered heavy losses due to the Ukrainian resistance.

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