Famous producer spoke about Andrei Malakhov’s illness

The famous producer spoke about the death of Andrei Malakhov

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The news about the mysterious death of Andrei Malakhov does not disappear. Meanwhile, a famous producer said there was a rumor in television circles about the poisoning of a famous witness.

Fans of Andrei Malakhov a few months ago drew attention to the unusual appearance of his hair and said that the actor was wearing a wig. As with disease, you may lose your hair. The TV host himself refuses to comment on the matter. Also, it looks like he’s tired of whining on the blog. That’s why, not long ago, he limited the access of fans to his account.

“Even if Malakhov wears a wig on the set, for me it has nothing to do with health problems. Before, only TV presenters were interested in the image. Now many men who going to beauty salons and injecting Botox. For more, they can put on a wig,” says producer Olesya Sazykina.

According to him, Andrei does not suffer from any serious illness. However, he seems to have some health problems.

“I heard some time ago, the doctors found more mercury in his body. You know, the vapors of this substance are very toxic. It was also suspected that they tried to kill him he like that. And this version is not as stupid as it seems at first glance, “Express Gazeta told the woman’s statement.

Sazykina is well aware that Malakhov has many enemies. In fact, he is not afraid to talk about sensitive topics. “I completely agree that some people want to settle scores with Andrei Nikolayevich,” the producer feared.

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