Forward to the victory of feminism: Salvador Allende’s granddaughter became Chile’s Minister of Defense

Salvador Allende’s granddaughter Maya became head of the Chilean Ministry of Defense.


The Cabinet of Ministers of Chile, the president of the country, Gabriel Boric, can be called a “feminist”. Among the 24 heads of offices, 14 seats were occupied by a beautiful woman, which is unique for Latin America. In addition, women’s jobs were obtained – which were headed by women, including the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“This ministerial group has included people from different backgrounds and ages, because we know very well that the great wealth of Chile lies in the diversity of the people who live here,” he said. Boric said when introducing future ministers. The new head of state and his team will be on March 11 after the inauguration.

The president’s most surprising decision was the appointment of 50-year-old Maya Fernández as head of the military department. And the issue here is not gender, but Fernandez’s genetics, because he is the youngest grandson of the famous socialist Salvador Allende, who was assassinated during the war of General Augusto Pinochet in 1973. Immediately after the military statement, the Fernández. The family emigrated from the country and returned only in 1990, when the volunteer retired. Then Maya studied at the University of Chile as a biologist, but she did not “cut frogs” for a long time. It seems the genes of his ancestors played with him, and in 1992, Fernandez joined him as a social outcast and became involved in politics.

Another bright figure in the new government is the Minister of the Interior, Ischia Siches, who is only 36 years old and is a doctor by training. Now Sichem has to solve with “surgical method” the difficult problem of the natives in the north of the country, and manage the migration problems caused by the arrival of illegal immigrants from Venezuela.

Boric became president after winning the elections last December. The 35-year-old candidate from the left-wing party I Approve Dignity won 56% of the vote in the second round of the presidential election.

The new president is the youngest head of state in the country’s history, and his candidacy was supported by the largest number of voters in the entire election: 4.6 million people. During his election campaign, Boric supported expansion programs to help the indigenous and vulnerable people of Chile, and also promised to help protect the climate. One of his ideas is to expand access to free education.

Boric comes from an international family of an engineer from Croatia and lives in Spanish Catalonia. After graduating from school, the head of the Chilean government entered the Faculty of Law and studied international law, but later decided to go into politics. In 2013, Boric managed to win the parliamentary elections and campaigned for himself as an independent candidate, refusing to join the Chilean parties. And he achieved a surprising result, receiving a large number of votes in his constituency.


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