Germany wants to bypass Russian gas pipeline through Spain

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz today proposed building a gas pipeline to bring gas from Portugal through Spain and France to the rest of Europe to reduce the current dependence on Russian gas. Scholz regretted that it hadn’t been built yet, as it would be a “gift” to him now shipments from Northern Europewhen he spoke at the conference after the summer break, he focused on the serious problem that arose from the war in Ukraine.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs also said that he spoke with his colleagues from Spain, France and Portugal, as well as the President of the European Commission, to promote this project, because it means having relations with North Africa It helps to differentiate the goods. The gas pipeline with these features will “solve the current problems,” the foreign minister added, stressing its importance. current government efforts to reduce energy consumption in relation to Russia and admitted that the previous leaders did not think about that possibility.

“All governments, all companies must consider that the situation will change and prepare for that if it happens,” he said, admitting that his coalition of social democrats, greens and liberals is “surprising”. the lack of alternative ways to reduce it is possible Russian property. Despite this situation, he said, it will be possible “in record time” to find these ways to guarantee gas supplies in the coming winter, although he admitted that it will be “more expensive”.

According to the latest information from the Federal Grid Agency (Bundesnetzagentur), Germany’s gas reserves have reached 75% of capacity, a level the government aims to reach by September 1. The data released today is the same as Tuesday and leave the level at 73.7%the average between this thursday and tomorrow friday will be over 75%, because it is growing 0.5% every day.

The Scholz government has set a target of reaching 75% of their capacity by September 1, rising to 85% by October 1 and 95% by November 1, a target enough to keep things going through the winter. This development will depend on the supplies coming from the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

Russian giant Gazprom halted supplies in mid-July, citing a need for reform. When the service is restored, the volume drops to 20% of its capacity, compared to 40% previously received.

Germany has been able to maintain storage facilities, because coal reserves is also enabled. In addition, they began to restore energy consumption in public buildings, the illumination of monuments, swimming pools and other objects according to the criteria of each “country” – the government of the government -.

There is a dispute between Scholz’s third party between the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals about delaying the closure of the last three nuclear plants that are still operating in the country, and eventually they will be decommissioned. at the end of this year. The Greens, the group of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Deputy Leader Robert Habek, reject this opportunityalthough they do not completely eliminate it.

The Liberals want to delay the shutdown until 2024 activation if necessarysince at least one other plant has been decommissioned last year. Scholz did not rule out that the complete farewell to nuclear power will be postponed until the winter, depending on the development of the situation. Currently, three nuclear plants control 6% of the electricity supply.

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