“He looks like Kapkov, but Vitorgan is breastfeeding”

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

The cable gave Sobchak a sweet slap in the face, saying that in the song there is a story about the father of her child, and that he has been going to the party for a long time.

“In a bad way,” the audience said with sadness to Ksenia: they say, the reception was very dirty, Cord beat himself, etc.

I am happy about your white shirt. Do they remember how Sobchak is doing?

He came, to ask for a visit, to his sworn friend Anastasia Volochkova: once in a few years, Nastya stole the oligarch from Ksyusha, according to the story. And now the mistress is breaking a cake, showing the guest: she did not kill! He wants to befriend an old enemy! Usually, she was in love with another oligarch at that time, not Ksyushin! Ella Now she warms up the bathroom for her new girlfriend!

What did Sobchak do during the mini soccer tour?

I climbed on the nightstand near the bed (not shy, under the camera) and removed the dildos. And he showed it, shaking badly and shaking his little head.

People who rummage into other people’s pockets and drawers are affected in this way. They don’t shake hands, that’s for sure.

Another example: Sobchak turned to drunkards in pain and was recently released from a psychiatric hospital after her husband Bozena Rynska committed suicide.

Then he began to think about how to fix it and poked his finger: “Where is this bottle from? Tell me about it, “yes, the lady at the house will answer and tell me that it seems like… a greedy person who doesn’t care about her husband’s grave, but is always interested in garbage. The master of provocation.

And Bozena explained: he did not know that the shot would be included in the film, but how could he not respond to the guest? This visitor paid for Malashenko’s awakening.

It is remarkable that he has set up an opponent in the opposition camp.

Not to mention the stupid Yulia Volkova, the former Tatu singer who decided to run for the ruling party: Sobchak upset the “patriot” by asking him what he thought about Dima Yakovlev’s law, which it is said to prevent children from playing soccer on the field. . The sides of the road Julia said: I support, “because when you get into the game, you run to the road.” With the help of Dogs, this girl showed all the illusion this law is one of the changes, the sign of the departure of Russia from the position in the United States – our country did not want to send children to the United States without providing more information about them (citizens rejoiced). , the Liberals were angry: he had to let go!)…

In what “politics” work and stop.

I looked at it from time to time and thought: I have lied, who will believe you?

By the way, I didn’t think so: Sobchak said that once I asked for an interview and found out that she had arranged for the new “Ivanov’s Sveta”.

I just know that if you want, you can replace almost everything.

They did the same with another reporter from our newsroom.

Sobchak, before the broadcast on the radio, connected with the word of honor: “Promise me that you will not wet me with stories about my father” (theft there, corruption, patronage -blat), always asking the sky what the The grandson of a citizen living abroad.

expensive. There are no moral principles.

So, it’s: “I-go-go and less and less”, Ksenia.

Everyone ate and spooned what he fed to others.


Money, women or hype: why Sergey Shnurov and Ksenia Sobchak became enemies

Stas Baretsky, the former candidate of “Leningrad” said that Shnurov and Sobchak did not part with the multi-million dollar business (information)

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