How to protect people from aggressive animals

The majority, 80%, of homeless animals were housed. But for some reason, the owners don’t want it, or because of an emergency, the pet ends up on the street.

Small animals are picked up quickly. And the largest dogs, in order to survive, begin to wander in packs.

“Countries in the Northern Hemisphere have addressed the problem of stray dogs, first and foremost, as effective means of managing pet control. That is, compulsory registration of animals, taxes for care, insurance, breeding licenses, legal restrictions on breeding animals. For example, in Germany, it is allowed to breed dogs between 1 and 7 years, no more than two every two years. Harvesting is animal cruelty. In Russia, this is not the case, so we need to understand the presence of homeless animals on the streets, “said Natalya Ilyinykh, an employee at the Charitable Foundation for Zoological Protection (Yekaterinburg). The first deputy chairman of the Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the State Duma, Vladimir Burmatov, has for many years sought the registration of animals and fines for throwing them on the road. He insists it is necessary to introduce international pet symbols. After the incident in Transbaikalia, in which a group of stray dogs killed a seven-year-old girl, the chairman of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, ordered , to assemble a working group to develop a bill to strengthen the responsibility of owners. help to understand their owners. If a dog or cat runs away, it can be “kar apa” and returned to their owners. Well, if the owner does not accept the pig, he will receive a fine of 30 thousand rubles.

Of course, a moral problem arises: if a person does not need an animal, but it is returned to him and a price is paid, then the owner may try to get rid of the pet. again. And, perhaps, they are not in human form, so it is better to find new owners right in the shelter. It is necessary that the previous owner pay for his stay in the apartment during that time.

The problem of shelters has not yet been resolved. “Only 14 animal shelters have been built for all of Moscow, for a city of 20 million this is very little, but they solve the problem in the city, and in many regions there is not one shelter, even two, that or three. . He can solve most problems, “believes Burmatov.

In Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region, according to Natalya Ilinykh, there is no shelter for animals. Local authorities plan to start building the city’s shelter only in 2023. Building a shelter is not cheap. According to the average data for 2020, the construction of the smallest apartment costs 10 million rubles, the most expensive – 25 million rubles.

The Ministry of Finance has data from 567 zoos in 62 regions (data from November 2021). Another 459 houses were required to be built. The cost of building a shelter, capable of catching and sterilizing 3.5 thousand animals per year, is 20 million rubles, the Ministry of Agriculture says in the estimate of the Department of Strategic Planning.

Animal identification will help you find their owners. If a dog or cat runs away, they can be “scanned” and returned to their owners.

One option is to transfer the power to build and open shelters to public organizations. According to Burmatov, there is money for this in the budgets of the regions, it is necessary to encourage officials to prevent the current laws. And for this it is considered to be more responsible for them. However, until now it is not clear: civil or criminal. This should be decided by the working group.

“Our foundation is now preparing a program to improve and develop the CAVS program (trap, sterilize, vaccinate, release), which includes the preparation of places for feeding and shelters for homeless animals away from crowded areas and residential areas according to the location. of stray animals. The CAVS program is a method of managing the number of abandoned animals. The dogs released to the hunting area after sterilization protect the territory from other aggressive animals, do not reproduce. If the animal does not return to the hunting area, catch it and it will be safely occupied by a new animal that has not been sterilized. But Not all dogs are euthanized. Rehoming should be selective. When this problem is properly managed, aggressive animals, sick dogs, elderly, large dogs, etc. can quickly find new owners, not sent home. For these animals, the government should create long-term shelters, “- said Natalya Ilyinykh.

The Deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma, animal rights activist Dmitry Guliyev, believes that the OSVV program will begin to show its impact after 5-7 years after its implementation, considering the changes life of dogs. “But the EHV will not work to its full potential until there is a mechanism for the responsible treatment of animals in society,” he said. She remembers that every year, at the end of summer, hundreds, if not thousands, of cats and dogs become homeless. Many people play with them in the summer, but they don’t want to take them to town. Naturally, the animals began to gather, multiply and search for food in nearby villages.

“In Russia, there is a financial system for social entrepreneurs, NGOs that provide social services to the population, for example, for the care of the elderly or people with serious illnesses. I am sure that they can they are dependent on the care of the homeless”. dogs according to the European model”, says Eduard Isakov, member of the Committee on Economic Policy of the Federation Council – The time taken any homeless dog or cat that gets caught, abused, and stays in a shelter while the hunters are looking for a home. And if they can’t find a home for a long time, then put the animal down, don’t leave it on the road. rather than hunting and letting the animals go back “to the cruel world”.

They often disappear in herds and become hostile to humans. They also suffer from terrible diseases: from hunger, machines and cruel people.


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