“It is unlikely that they will be able to pass the exam in the Russian language”: the expert valued the successes of Loboda, Gagarina and Morgenstern

It is difficult to call Morgenstern’s writings “poems”.

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Lists of some songs are linked to be sung by both adults and children. Millions of videos have been viewed on social networks based on fashion. Most of the time there is no specific meaning in these verses and prohibitions, but they are carried by us in drives, cafes and homes. Very few stars write themselves – they buy articles from writers for a lot of money. But let them choose and sing, don’t be shy! If you delve into the meaning of character lines, many questions will arise for writers and performers.

Speech teacher and founder of the Center for Eloquence Ksenia Teleshova made a linguistic analysis of texts of popular songs for kp.ru. This winter we heard these “all-iron” weapons.

Speech teacher and founder of the Center for Eloquence Ksenia Teleshova.

Photo: Personal archive of the publication’s winner.

The first opinion of our expert is as follows: “Researchers call all these songs a big mistake in our life, a blow to the Russian language and part of the depopulation program.

“Artik and Asti”

The most popular group right now is “Harmony” which has just been released and is at the top of the streaming platforms. This is the first song “Artik & Asti” with a new singer. Fans believe that the song is a worthy contender for the best of the Sad Dance group. Is the script of “Harmony” good?

Expert: “The music is not difficult, the good of the story is broken. Just one example: from the first lines of “Harmony” we are told: “I will not wash my memory with Aperol.” It can’t be washed, it’s silent. The word “hey” appears in an unusual place, suggesting that the writer is trying to fill a musical break. There is also a problem with the distribution of roles in the text: who is the first person in the first stanza, who is the second person in the second stanza. Because of this, there is a problem with the actors. Punctuation in a text cannot be understood: what does the author mean? As a result, everything breaks down: rhythm, rhyme, volume and meaning. In the text, despite the title, there is no mention of unity.


Within three weeks, Morgenstern’s video for the song “What?” over 11 million views. Image: YouTube freeze frame

In three weeks, the video for the song “What?” has over 11 million views on YouTube. It seems that Morgenstern gets more criticism and more attention from the youth, but also from his parents.

Expert: “It’s sad, but from the text it’s clear what a young poet:” I’m rich, young, you know what… I do only what I want. “Too much bad language in letters is not acceptable, because hearing children absorb these words like a sponge. Later, disrespect for their language, and therefore for their country, is fraught with consequences. If we review the poem, it is very simple, remember the opening verse. Although this article, like the previous ones, cannot be called a “verse”. Sometimes people are just disappointed that there is no real choice from the repertoire. This is not about banning, but rather that articles should not be completely empty and without content. Those who grow up and are raised in such a “practice” may not be capable of creativity. I grew up with the writings of Bunin, Chekhov, Nabokov and I really want my daughter to read and understand them and not be a black sheep among her friends. And if you read today’s “master photos”, Ellochka Ogre seems to know how to write, she knows 33 words, but she doesn’t swear, she doesn’t use slang words.

Marina Khlebnikova

The song “Neva” by Marina Khlebnikova is at the top of various radio stations. Image: YouTube freeze frame

The singer has been released from the hospital, where he died after a fire in his own house, and has released a new song. Marina Khlebnikova wrote the song “Neva” and shot a video before the shock. Now there is more demand. The song is at the top of many radio stations.

Expert: “Reading the text of the song “Neva”, you will remember Khlebnikova’s hit “A Cup of Coffee”. signs and speech errors. For example, “I will dress” instead of my dress. In the video, as in karaoke, the words of the song are written, with errors: “only in May .. .”, but with “o”. Everything that is written in the text is still very reminiscent of the Tale of Igor’s Campaign, but if this action is a Russian trick, then , the beat does not want to be called a poem. “Neva” has no meaning. For example, take the line “a hurricane is coming from the bay.” A hurricane, in its literal sense , no one can get anywhere, but a blizzard can. If you’re using slang, the word “blizzard” is the best way to describe this blast.

Lucy Chebotina

Lucy Chebotina’s song “Sun of Monaco” was heard last year. Image: YouTube freeze frame

“Why do I want a day in Monaco?” – lines from this hit are sung by kids on Tik Tok, adults on Instagram, stars on TV shows. The video for the song “El sol de Mónaco” made by Lucy Chebotina has more than 56 million views on YouTube. The track appeared last year and will not stop.

Expert: “There is no meaning and it is very difficult to understand what the author is saying. For example, “your eyes shine.” How can the image shine? This is misunderstanding and wrong. But in in this text, the passive verb is used correctly, in the first couplet. Then the thanks to the author end. After that, we read the phrase that is often repeated: “Shout, all of you, loudly.” The word “strength” is missing. The sentence should sound like this: “Embrace me with all your strength.” If we talk about the order of words, then in Russian there is a clear order: the definition, main character, action, addition, situation. In general, there is a mode of expression – a change, but in this case there is no change. We have before us a chaotic set of words connected in one sentence: ” Why do I want a day in Monaco?” In this list, move the word “I” and place it before the word “day”.

Hammali and Navai

One of our star’s favorite songs is “Bird”. That’s why artists don’t hesitate to praise their colleagues. The duo “HammAli and Navai” has over 82 million views on YouTube with “Bird.”

Expert: “I find that I like the music in this work. The main idea is read here again, although the delivery is a bit crazy. The most successful, from a linguistic point of view, is the second form. Writes the main idea, without any errors in style. After the word “however”, it is used several times in the text of the song. They are used many times in life, but it is better to avoid using parasitic words.

Polina Gagarina

Polina Gagarina’s famous song “Yesterday” continues to be tested and has more than six million views on YouTube.

Expert: “Polina Gagarina’s song can be called a prophet, in which the main character is leaving her husband. Gagarina herself talks about the coup: “courageous, strong, young, brave .” So you can identify the person, but not the subject. The letter has the main idea. I like the lack of bad language and speech, although the high expression methods of the Russian language can’t be seen. So the author doesn’t have any important words. The music is simple, the rhythm is rhythmic and the repeated line “how come all these things I wore yesterday?” is like a set of words In addition, the memory can not be “removed”, it is not the soup and the body of the dead, God forgive me.

Svetlana Loboda

Loboda’s “Americano” now has over 11 million views on YouTube. The song is at the top of the music charts.

Expertise: “The author of the song may not be able to pass the test of the Russian language. The mistake that is made many times is in the sentence and changing the part: “And then mind you, he will play again.” Generally, the actions indicated by the gerund and the preposition must be performed by the same person. I thought that no one who did not know what the voice: “As I approached the station, my hat fell off.” But Loboda doesn’t know.

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