Japan has calculated a safe distance to talk during a pandemic

Date: August 15, 2022 Time: 04:50:32

People who become infected with the “omicron” level of the coronavirus by coming into contact with infected people, even if they are wearing medical masks, are very sick. The important thing here is the distance between the participants in the conversation. Experts from the Riken Research Institute in the Japanese city of Kobe came to this conclusion, according to the NHK radio and television company.

To compare the conditions in their work, the scientists used a heavy-duty Fugaku computer. At the same time, it came from the fact that “omicron” is one and a half times higher in fluency than “delta” strain.

According to the results of the test, the risk of infection with the “omicron” strain is significantly reduced if you do not talk in the house with an infected speaker at a distance of one meter for ten five minutes, and the infected person. he had a clean face on his face. If the distance between the participants is halved, the risk of death increases to 14 percent.

Experts say that the lack of hygienic face on a coronavirus patient increases the risk that your environment will “catch” the disease. The risk of infection from contact with an infected person at a distance of one meter is 60 percent. Reducing the specified distance in half gives no one a chance to leave the conversation alive.

According to experts during a public event, about 40 percent of its participants who are with an infected person wearing a mask will test positive for COVID-19. The lack of protective gear on an infected person’s face increases this figure to 50 percent.

Japanese doctors urge their compatriots to be careful to keep their distance when talking to other people.

Source: rg.ru

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