Lawrence Jones explains Black voters’ frustration with the Democratic Party | WSN

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Fox News host Lawrence Jones revealed the causes of Black voters’ frustration with the Left Saturday on “Cross Country.”

LAWRENCE JONES: So the wise political minds of “The View” may not understand, but I do. Sunny Hostin says “Black Republicans” is an oxymoron, but an oxymoron is Democrats saying they care about Black lives while supporting Planned Parenthood, whose founding mission was to exterminate Black and Brown babies. An oxymoron is Democrats saying all kids should have access to quality education, but siding with the teachers’ union over students and parents. An oxymoron is saying that the government is systemically racist, and then thinking the same government, [that’s] racist, will solve all of our problems. In the words of a classic R&B song, “Ex-Factor”: “It could all be so simple, but you’d rather make it hard. Tell me who I have to be to get some reciprocity.” It’s a song about an ex and a woman who’s just asking for something in return for all that she’s committed. When I hear that song today, I can’t help but think about the Democrats and how they’re struggling to connect with their usual voting bloc. Now on this show I have the privilege of traveling across the country. I speak with people from all different walks of life. And I can tell you all of them are upset. At this very moment, more than six in 10 Americans believe our country is on the wrong track. And neither Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer understand why. You see, for far too long, the Democrats have just assumed they’ll have the support of Black voters. But those days are over. Black voters are frustrated with the president and the Democratic Party. 


Lawrence Jones explains Black voters’ frustration with the Democratic Party | WSN[Whatsapp Status New]


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