“Lenkom” artists wrote a letter to Bastrykin: Let me work normally

The struggle began at the Lenkom Theater after the death of its owner, director Mark Zakharov.

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“KP” wrote more than once about the civil unrest that spread throughout Lenkom. If before the theater was known for its performances, the directors found, today it is full of exciting, behind-the-scenes battles for power and accusations of one…

We wrote that the war between the director of the theater Mark Varshaver and the “lady of Lenkom” Alexandra Zakharova (the only daughter of the great director, after whom the building is named) has been going on for almost two years. theater). According to rumors, Alexandra Markovna is applying for the position of artistic director (although in rare interviews she denies this information). Meanwhile, Varshaver continued to run the theater.

The conflict broke out when the director offered second auditions for the role of Alexandra Zakharova (and not her). It has a strong logic: the company needs to be busy with work, especially young artists, to make their life better. They can’t stay on the floor for years (like Zakharov). Aleksandra Markovna did not like the idea of ​​the entries, the second and third teams.

Today she plays 4 titles. She goes online with other actresses of the theater. His father was not like that. Yes, he started playing more often, but he didn’t take jobs.

Director of the theater “Lenkom” Mark Varshaver.

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The situation in the theater escalated after the New Year, when the staff of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation came to Lenkom and investigated.

The introduction to this visit is as follows: journalist Andrei Karaulov interviewed Alexandra Zakharova, which appeared on YouTube. There he talks about the foreign companies that are supposed to be in Warsaw, about the lack of management of the theater. After that, the journalist sent a letter to the Investigative Committee, in which he reported serious violations during the public auction, an attempt to take the property of the theater, said they said, Warsaw destroyed the entire theater under him. The President of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin gave instructions to conduct the review and report on the results.

Previous check. Now all the results are awaited. But based on the data we have, the inspectors did not find any violations.

A year ago, Lenkom received a big check from the Ministry of Culture of Moscow. In a month and a half, the theater was reviewed for violations of financial and economic activities. According to the results, an operation was recorded: everything is fine, there are no violations. Now check again…

The company of these checks, initiated by the theater actor, is stormy. It was known on kp.ru, 78 artists (this is about 70% of the company) signed a letter to Alexander Bastrykin.

“What Sasha (Zakharova) is doing is beyond good and bad,” Tatyana Kravchenko, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, told kp.ru. – If before (under Mark Zakharov) the actors were afraid of him, now … they criticize him (Kravchenko used a different verb, but not to provoke arguments). You can’t imagine the atmosphere of the theater because of these controls.

We gathered the creative council of the director of the theater and wrote an appeal to Bastrykin, in which we asked: to work, not to interfere with the group, why trust strangers (Karaulov) …

Director Mark Zakharov and his daughter Alexandra Zakharova.



In the theater they believe that the fight for the “inheritance”, for the “honor of the father”, behind Alexandra Zakharova is hiding, another story: the queen has lost her power . And he can’t do it. Previously, he influenced the distribution of work, the selection of productions. And now, she’s “one of the actresses in the company,” as Varshaver calls it.

Even artists don’t want to “remember the past” in the media pages. They don’t want to talk about it, first of all, out of respect for Mark Zakharov.

The theater is working. The poster includes new performances that appeared in the repertoire after Zakharov. I do not argue, these are far from masterpieces. But let’s be fair: the new works of Mark Anatolyevich, not his works made Lenkom famous.

As far as I know, most of the company likes Varshaver. In the first stage, the prices did not decrease, but they increased. For the New Year, everyone: from a cleaning woman to a famous artist received an annual package.


As with the flags from the UK, the commotion with the copyright of Mark Zakharov’s works began. Alexandra Markovna wants to find out in court what rights to the work of her father, her manager, not her, but other people.

In an interview with Andrei Karaulov, he said that he was “heir to everything” that Mark Zakharov did in Lenkom, starting in 1973, when he came to manage the theater.

“For some reason, businessman Valery Yanklovich stopped the rights to the works of Mark Zakharov,” says Alexandra Zakharova. – I, as a lady, say: show me the contract. I was told that it was all done as part of my father’s work. But I’m not talking about the material part. The theater has no right to return the play “Remembrance Day” without my consent … Now I have two appeals in the Meshchansky and Tverskoy courts.

Alexandra Markovna told kp.ru that there was only one condition in these requests: she wanted to see with her own eyes the contracts her father concluded with “these people.” He doesn’t seem to show them. But Varshaver says otherwise:

– Valery Yanklovich is a real producer of Lenkom. For 17 years he has been paying for all our new gigs. The theater does not spend money on them. Director Mark Zakharov signed contracts with the right producers. According to these contracts, apart from the production fee (as we know, it is a lot of money), the director does not guarantee anything. Alexandra Markovna has all the contracts (!). What he wants more, I don’t understand.

To be fair: when Mark Zakharov was alive, there was no question of copyright and fees. So, these words resonated with him… Varshaver doesn’t want to talk about the city’s favorite topic: the incomes of the rich and famous. Also, out of respect for the memory of Mark Zakharov. How many people will test his patience until he breaks and tells the whole truth?

PEVTSOV went aside

Even Dmitry Pevtsov, a Lenkom actor and the deputy of the State Duma, knew that the “civil war” started was the way to failure. According to reports, he also visited the Moscow Department of Culture and announced that he was ready to take on the role of the theater’s artistic director. But he changed his mind and wrote on his Instagram (we hope) “he’s gone.”

“I will not hide the fact that I myself, when I was still a Lenkom employee, after the tragic departure of Mark Anatolyevich, I noticed that something bad had started in the theater (something It could not have happened under Zakharov under any circumstances) – and I will try to start a fight again,” admitted Pevtsov. “But I realized in time that my work would be no more than a break in the company and the team, and…”I left.”

Thank God he changed his mind. What are the important colleagues like this: Alexander Lazarev, Andrey Sokolov, Sergey Stepanchenko, Viktor Rakov …

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