Leonid Kuravlev’s son explained why his sister did not go to a strange funeral

In addition to his relatives, the actor Leonid Kuravlev was fired in his last tour with only three actors and many fans.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

People’s artist Leonid Kuravlev died last week at the age of 86. Before the death of Leonid Vyacheslavovich, they talked about how he ended up with a pension for the elderly. After the death, he criticized friends and fans who did not attend the funeral. Among the famous people, Dmitry Kharatyan was at the funeral (he was a friend and spoke very well with Kuravlev), Evgeny Gerasimov and Sergey Stepanchenko, and other people from fans. At some point, the staff of the Central Clinical Hospital came to know about the farewell – the ceremony was held in the ceremonial room of the Central Clinical Hospital on Marshal Timoshenko Street. Next to the coffin were the son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren of the village artist. No daughter. At the end of the week, the reason for the disappearance of Catherine and friends of the famous actor became known.

Leonid Kuravlev’s colleagues explained that his failure to say goodbye was not due to the epidemic and the risk of infection. Leonid Vyacheslavovich during his life was a simple person, he probably did not want to say goodbye. Apparently, his son initially said the meeting was closed. The day before the funeral it was known that they would let everyone in. It is said that the day before the breakup, the daughter of the actor died, a follower of a closed meeting.

Another question worried everyone: why didn’t Kuravlev’s daughter come? Not everyone believed in Catherine’s death. Leonid Kuravlev and his wife Nina lived together for 52 years. Nina Vasilievna died 10 years ago, and since then Kuravlev lived with his daughter; his own family and two cousins ​​have a comfortable, well-managed life in a five-bedroom apartment in central Moscow. They lived together. Ekaterina Kuravleva is now 59 years old and has a medical education. Kuravlev often visited his son and grandchildren. Vasily Kuravlev is 44 years old and has his own business. Vasily has three sons: 18-year-old Stepan, 14-year-old Fedor, 11-year-old Grigory. Kuravlyov loved his grandchildren, visited them and called them. Health was disappointed with Leonid Vyacheslavovich last year, and then the family council decided to temporarily place the artist in a special pension for the elderly – a regular class with a rehabilitator, management healthy Kuravlev himself welcomed this decision. Relatives were concerned that the residence could not provide the necessary physical activity for the head of the family. Temporary placement is a strong measure. The artist Irina Bezrukova visited this apartment on business and shared her opinion about Kuravlev: “I saw that he was very clean and very nice. I understand that when he first entered it center, he couldn’t walk. So he’s progressing very well. If it wasn’t for pneumonia, he would have returned to his family…”

Then, after the funeral, they began to argue and criticize their daughter’s absence: they said that her death was only imaginary – she was afraid to talk. Turns out he wasn’t. All the relatives knew that Ekaterina Kuravleva had a good relationship with her father. On the night of February 5, Vasily Kuravlev said on the topic “You won’t believe it!” on NTV about his sister: “She was very sad. She was under a lot of stress. She also has suspicions about covid”. Vasily said that Ekaterina worked as a psychiatrist, but for the three years ago, “focused on dad.” Vasily Kuravlev said that he and his family collected his father’s archive: important things to him, books.


Photo of the unusual funeral of Leonid Kuravlev: the boy cried at the coffin, but the girl did not come

Leonid Kuravlev’s son cried at his funeral, and his daughter did not attend (news)

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