Lev Leshchenko celebrated his anniversary: ​​a duet with his wife, Rasputin on his knees and Jasmine phenomenally slimmer

Lev Leshchenko and his wife Irina

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The People’s Artist celebrated his birthday on the first day of February on the stage: while other stars were gathering beautiful holidays in restaurants, Lev Leshchenko invited friends to Crocus Town Hall. They say that in ninety years to sit in line and sing for the hall of six thousand for him is the best gift. Yes, and the colleagues and gifts were great: at a three-hour concert, Leshchenko was greeted by many famous people who sang popular songs to the hero of the day.

The son’s wife, 67-year-old Irina Leshchenko, did not stand aside.

– Irochka decided to sing with me for the first time. Don’t judge too much. For him, this is a lot of fun! – the teacher announced.

The woman, for nothing (she is an economist by profession), looks very artistic in the spotlight: in stilettos, in a stunning coat and bright jewelry. And she sings, on the side of the road, and lives, not less than her crying husband. “They pissed me off!” Leshchenko summed up the friendly applause of the room, where Leonid Yakubovich, Bedros Kirkorov, Larisa Rubalskaya and Vyacheslav Dobrynin stood before. There was more than one backstage beat, but the composer couldn’t do it. “I’m sick,” he explained to fans.

At that time, the audience that evening was delighted with many stars: not only the show called “The Lion Constellation”: the old friend of the hero of the day Vladimir Vinokur, Alexander Rosenbaum , Igor Krutoy and Irina Allegrova, Gennady Khazanov, Alexander Malinin, Alexei Glyzin, Alexander Buinov, Igor Kornelyuk, Alexander Marshal, Nikolai Baskov, Larisa Dolina, came to the concert from the film of the new show … It happened from Mikhail Shufutinsky in front of the house was very thin: together with the young and beautiful woman Svetlana Yurazova, the singer changed: she recovered, began to go to the gym and eat right . The result: the singer is almost half.

Natasha Koroleva

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However, many artists presented new trends for Leshchenko’s birthday at the same time. Natasha Koroleva, who complained about the effects of Olivier, during the holiday, sat next to him, quickly got rid of the excess, crossed the stage in high pants (and important, narrow). The singer Jasmine made an appearance when she appeared in a trio with Alsou and Zara: the three lovers appeared to be of equal size. In recent months, the artist kp.ru said, he lost weight, working with a trainer and reducing his diet.

Jasmine appeared to leave as part of a trio with Alsou and Zara

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Also, Alexey Vorobyov flew from the United States to congratulate Lev Valeryanovich. “Three Tenors” – Meladze, Mikhailov and Pavliashvili – performed the royal aria in honor of the birthday boy, and Masha Rasputina brought Leshchenko to her knees – this is how they presented it at the old “Music Spills” venue in the building.

Masha Rasputin

Photo: Alena MARTYNOVA

– It’s hard for Masha to appear anywhere, but it’s always exciting, – the champion of the day breathes after his dance.

By the way, Lev Leshchenko invited all his friends to his 100th birthday in February 2042 – the artist’s father lived to be 100 years old, and he himself planned to kill the plan in in 10 years.

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