Little Big’s video has over 3 billion views online

Little Big has over 3 billion views online. The singers of the group talked about this achievement on their Instagram page. And at the same time, they showed a new image of the singer Ilya Prusikin, who shaved his head, leaving only a single strand of hair, in the spirit of Gogol’s “Taras Bulba”.

In fact, the heroes of the songs of the Little Big quartet are similar to the heroes of Nikolai Gogol’s books, which have simply moved on from our time. These are very bright people who are used to being happy, joking, teasing, carrying out fairy tales, self-deprecation and surprise. And along the way, admire yourself and life, making fun of everyday life, stories and everyday life. For this reason, the musicians’ concert clothes, as well as their make-up and other equipment, are sometimes transported on trips in large vehicles and weigh more than one hundred kilograms. weight.

And they release tracks that aren’t new albums; after all, Little Big’s work in show business is better watched than listened to closely.

And in almost every video, the performers introduce a new dance. And listening to it, and sometimes trying to repeat it, is very funny and inspiring!

According to statistics now the popularity of Little Big’s videos is distributed as follows: Skibidi – 588 million views (over three and a half years), Faradenza – 356 million, Hypnodancer – 253 million, Go Bananas – 221 million.

At the same time, interestingly, the lowest number of views, “only” 4.6 million, was collected by the group’s most interesting and difficult song – We Are The Little Big, which appeared in the sixth months ago. Yes, it happens.


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