Masks, social distance and drinking regimen: Denis Protsenko told how to defend himself against Omicron

Chief Medical Officer No. 40 Denis Protsenko.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Denis Protsenko made a live broadcast on KP.RU accounts in social networks and answered key questions about the new coronavirus that affects 140,000 people a day .

– How has the number of hospital admissions and patient characteristics changed?

– Hospital rates have increased in Kommunarka in the last two weeks. On average, there are about 175 patients per day. But if we take the big data, then with Omicron, 6.8 – 7% of all patients arrive at the hospital. By comparison, “Delta” sends one in five to the hospital.

– Is it true that most young people are in the hospital?

– The proportion of patients older than 65 years remains high. It should be explained here that City Clinical Hospital No. 40 in Kommunarka, like Sklif and City Clinical Hospital No. And if it’s cancer, heart disease, stroke, they’ll come to us. And because of the severity of the non-Covid illness, they may end up in a nursing home. In addition, in elderly patients with chronic diseases, the fever becomes more severe and can lead to hospitalization.

– Are Omicron’s symptoms different from previous strains?

– According to Rospotrebnadzor, in fact, the incubation period is halved – up to 7 days. In general, the symptoms of the “Omicron” strain are similar in many ways to the classic symptoms of acute influenza: fever, runny nose, weakness. The loss of smell and taste is less than before. Fortunately, the symptoms of asthma have also decreased.

– The Omicron strain is more susceptible than ever before. And in what age will the patient show the greatest danger “and for others?”

– Total incubation period. The disease has already occurred, but people are still not dying, and they are still actively talking and shedding the virus. That’s why using masks correctly is the most effective way to protect yourself and those around you.

– Is this the right way?

– The face covers the mouth and nose, like you and me now. Even if you sneeze right now, a mask and social distancing will minimize any risk to me and everyone in this room. Let me remind you that you need to change a medical mask every three hours, and a respirator with a higher level of protection – every six.

– Is it true that more children are being hospitalized than in previous waves?

– But really. And this is perhaps the most surprising – and dangerous – feature of the Omicron.

– How do you know which rib you have? Is there a test for Omicron in medicine?

– These tests are included, but only in hospitals. Because the deformation is fixed in a special high-sensitivity device. Test strips sold in the pharmacy can only determine the nature of the virus and the antibody against it. On the other hand, the monitoring shows that, in the studies to determine the strain, the Omicron is found in 85% of the cases. So, if covid is confirmed, it could be this new strain.

Denis Protsenko answered questions about Omicron from Komsomolskaya Pravda readers.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

– Then, the person takes the test and finds out that he has been infected with the coronavirus. What did he do to her?

– If social and living conditions allow, you must isolate yourself in a separate room, wear a mask, use special dishes, widen the room and observe the drinking habit . This is important because water can be lost in extreme heat conditions and must be replenished. Following proper drinking habits can prevent many of the negative effects that dehydration can cause. In most cases, Omicron goes on and keeps the temperature for a day and a half. If it lasts longer than three days, this is an opportunity to visit a doctor. If the fever is accompanied by shortness of breath, call an ambulance. Mild cases, in my opinion, do not require medical intervention. Moscow has done a lot for residents: now it is possible to open and close an electronic sick leave form. I think that the digital solutions adopted in Moscow’s healthcare system will serve as an example for other regions.

– How are serious cases of Omicron treated now? Have the roads changed?

– The original protocol has not changed. We still have the ability to prevent hyperinflammation caused by viruses and special drugs. In the case of respiratory failure, we also provide a form of respiratory support, from positioning the patient in the “disturbance” position to non-invasive mechanical ventilation. The duration of the protocol is limited due to the introduction of new drugs – virus-neutralizing antibodies. It has proven to be effective. In many hospitals of the city of Moscow, including our own, so-called open day hospitals, where we offer this medicine to patients, even after hours two we send home in a private vehicle.

Doctors “Kommunarka” in the entertainment area.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Who is this treatment indicated for?

– High risk patients. Over 65 years, obesity, diabetes, heart failure.

– How to access day hospitals?

– Moscow has a database of patients with a positive test for the coronavirus. If one of them has a risk factor (this data is also in the database), doctors can send the patient to the hospital. In our hospital, 60 people are currently receiving these treatments.

– What is an antibiotic? Are they assigned to Omicron?

– Antibiotics do not affect viruses, so no one can treat a viral infection with them. In addition, the use of these drugs is not consistent with symptoms that indicate serious problems. Antibiotics: a sign of “no.” The only indication for them is a confirmed bacterial infection.

– Is there a medicine today that can be taken at the beginning of the disease, to be shown to alleviate the disease later?

– Infected, drunk – forgot to be sick?

– Something like this…

– It’s called the magic pill. No, this has not been created (laughs, but does not see under the mask – author).

Doctors from the Hospital Clínico de Ciudad No. 40 change their clothes before going to the “red zone”.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

– And how do doctors protect themselves from disease?

– Personal protective equipment, social distancing and hand washing are the same. Doctors are no different from ordinary people. Another thing, working in the “red” zone, you will understand how important it is to follow these simple rules. So there is no miracle.

– The internet has also begun to post about the supernatural effectiveness of alcohol-based wipes as a post-discharge barrier.

– Then we laughed about it – we laughed again. There is no evidence for the effectiveness of this method, to say the least. I think that the “fogs” are praised by those who actively use this “healing” in liquid form.

– In 2021, the United Russia party adopted a popular program, which went to the elections. The program provides, in fact, an increase in income for FAPs, other incentives for doctors working in the field. How does the team plan to fulfill this order?

– Of course, the most important part of the project is to improve primary health care. The Executive Branch has been implementing these programs for over a year. These are the popular “Rural Doctor” and “Rural Paramedic” programs. If we talk about the work of the group, it is different to manage how these projects are implemented. I personally think that it is not enough to attract scholars to the first connection of the field. You have to keep it there. And this requires not only financial incentives, but also strong social tools. For example, help to buy a home.

– The Commission of the Great Council of “United Russia” on health discussed the topic of early rehabilitation of patients, including after the coronavirus. Which group will see the recovery phase?

– The importance of this program starts when the patient is still in the hospital. Whatever it sounded like 20 years ago. All the studies show that we get the most power to heal if we start this process even in the period of illness. Our commission will monitor the progress of this program in the pilot districts. The United Russia party has a very large network of regional branches, not only politicians, but also doctors who participate in administrative work. That was one of the decisions of the last meeting of our commission.

– Since the beginning of the epidemic, volunteers of the United Russia team, including medical volunteers, have been working in hospitals. How is this work organized now in Moscow and throughout the country?

– The first thing I want to say: guys, thank you very much for your work! You are good and beautiful! It is not working in a chaotic manner: a very sophisticated structure has been created that responds quickly to changes in the situation, and help is going to the places where it is needed now. At one time they worked in hospitals, then the health workers welcomed the elderly who were isolated in their homes… I think that volunteering is about serving people, we all have the desire , in the right person. That is why this was not done for money or prestige, because it appeared on the air of Komsomolskaya Pravda social networks, but because it appeared here (point to the heart – author).


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