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Nestor Igor Cantillana is a Chilean entertainer who has showed up in theater, movies, and TV. He played Miguel in the TVN drama Corazon de Maria, in which he played the lead job.

He has been engaged with theater creations like Historia de la Sangre, Calgula, Hamlet, and La Herencia starting around 1994.


Cantillana’s play “Historia de la Sangre” was acted in Montreal, Canada, in 1995. In the exceptionally one year from now, 1996, he acted in a similar play in Berlin, a city to which he would get back with the play La mision the next year.

The entertainer got back to Germany in 1998 to play out a similar play in Munich, Bonn, and Stuttgart.

Who Is Nestor Cantillana Wife Macarena Teke? Do They Have Kids? The name of Nestor Cantillana’s better half is Macarena Teke.

Notwithstanding her name, there are very few insights concerning her. We have no clue about how the couple met each other interestingly or when they got hitched.

According to Nestor’s Wikipedia page, they have two children discussing their children. Nestor featured close by Claudia Di Girolamo, Tamara Acosta, and Manuela Martelli in the film Radio Corazon, a spin-off of El Chacotero Sentimental.

The contention portrays family connections and consolidates an assortment of components, fundamentally parody and components of sentiment, and show. He additionally showed up in the Oscar-selected film No and the Academy Award-winning dramatization A Fantastic Woman.

Find out About Nestor Cantillana Family Nestor has never plainly discussed his family on the web. He has, notwithstanding, unveiled that his grandmother was a socialist who later changed over completely to the universal Christian religion, which he followed until he was 12 years of age in Curico.

We have no clue about which is his mother and father. He used to make light of an instrument in the congregation the road. Fernando González’s theater foundation was where he studied.

Insights regarding Nestor Cantillana Career Nestor Cantillana won the honor for best entertainer at the third Nuevas Tendencias Teatrales celebration in 1996 for his situation in the play Despertar de Primavera.

He made his telenovela appearance in the place of Patricio Tepano in TVN’s Iorana, after which he played an assortment of jobs, including an AIDS casualty, a typical representative, a baffled investigator, and a youthful gay specialist.

For his situation in the drama Romane, Cantillana was shortlisted for an Altazor Award, and he won the APES grant for best entertainer in the year 2000.

In HBO’s Profugos, he plays one of the primary characters. He additionally shows up in the TVN series Los Archivos del Cardenal as a minor person. His series follows a gathering of attorneys who work for Vicaria de la Solidaridad. This Catholic Church office examines Augusto Pinochet’s mystery police violations against left-wing activists.

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Néstor Cantillana And His Partner Macarena Teke Have Two Beautiful Children – Everything To Know About The Couple | TG Time | WSN[Whatsapp Status New]


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