Petro restores diplomatic relations with the Saharan Republic

The new government of ColombiaPresident Gustavo Petro, decided to restore diplomatic relations with Saharan Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) has been frozen since 2001, the Latin American country’s foreign ministry said Wednesday.

“The Government of the Republic of Colombia, inspired by the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations, affirms the validity of the Declaration of Association signed with the Government of the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic in the Conference -February 27, 1985,” the statement read. . published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia.

Petro, accompanied by the Deputy Minister for Serious Affairs, Laura Gilmet this Wednesday in Bogota with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Saharan Republic, Mohamed Salem Ould Salekand representative of the Polisario Front in Latin America, Mohamed Zrug.

Colombia and the Sahara Republic established diplomatic relations in 1985 when the government Belisario Betancourtrelations were frozen in 2001 during the presidency Andres Pastrana.

“Petro knew how to correct this mistake” for the freezing of relations, a decision taken by Colombia “unanimously,” explained Zrug Efe after the meeting, and thanked Colombia for ” Renewal of relationships is a priority for this new journey that connects the world.

Recently, the Sahara Republic ties were restored with Honduras, Peru and Boliviaand “with the new integration of Colombia, the dynamic created in the Andean region has been closed,” he added.

The opening of Petro on August 7 was attended by the chairman of the National People’s Congress of Algeria, Brahim Bougali, a country that is the main partner of the Sahara Republic in the ongoing conflict with Morocco.

Restoring relations with the Saharan Republic was one of the first decisions taken by Petro in international affairs after becoming president of Colombia.

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