Photo of the strange funeral of Leonid Kuravlev: the son sobbed at the coffin, but the daughter did not come

In Moscow, they said goodbye to Leonid Kuravlev.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

In Moscow, they said goodbye to Leonid Kuravlev. The actor died in hospital at the age of 86. Before his death, the artist was ill for a long time, he did surgery. Then the actor gets only palliative care. And on January 30, the star of the movie “Afonya” died. The children fulfilled the last wish of the famous father. He was buried in the same grave with his wife Nina Vasilyeva, who was honored by the famous artist.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Farewell to Leonid Kuravlyov was conducted in a closed format at the Central Clinical Hospital. The meeting was very simple. The artist found his final refuge in the Troekurovsky cemetery.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

The son of Vasily, named after a friend of the actor Vasily Shukshin, cried almost the entire farewell ceremony at his father’s coffin. He said that Kuravlev was still alive for him. “Dad, for me you didn’t die, but you moved to another dimension. You will communicate through your heroes, through the good childhood memories that remain for you and mom. I won’t say goodbye to you, dad. Thank you very much! I really miss you, I love you, we will always be, “said the descendant of Leonid Vyacheslavovich.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

There are also grandchildren: Stepan, Fedor, Grigory. Stepan said again, “Sir, I love you so much, I will miss you.”

But Ekaterina’s daughter did not come to bury her father. Before the death of Kuravlev, there were rumors that the actor did not want to see him. The hostess of the nursing home, where the actor lived for the last year, said that Leonid Vyacheslavovich liked to talk to Catherine. When the woman came to check on him, he seemed to be asleep.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

At that time, many were interested in Kuravlev’s unusual funeral. At the funeral, there were few artistic friends. Of course, they expressed their love to his family on social media. At the same time, some famous people were able to attend critical demonstrations, shouting about the family’s indifference to the old ruler.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

However, the coffin and body of the People’s Artist of the RSFSR were brought in silence to the prayer service of the priest who buried him. There was no applause, only to be heard when the actors said goodbye. This may be the last will of the deceased. You know, Kuravlev is a very simple person. In the last years of his life, the artist surrounded almost everyone with whom he spoke.


Leonid Kuravlev was dismissed without applause. There is no one to follow

On February 1, the People’s Artist of the RSFSR was buried at the Troekrovsky Cemetery (details)


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