Premiere of the Cine Club “RG”: Valentina Serova in the film “Soldier’s Beloved”

For a whole week our Film Club showed the documentaries “Ivan Mozzhukhin: Child of Carnival” and “Serebryakovs”. We present them not only in memory of these famous leaders, actors and artists, but also in memory of Galina Dolmatovskaya, who died a year ago, a documentary filmmaker, producer of those artistic writings about the great men of the past.

Under the terms of the copyright holders, the screening of these two films will be discontinued. It is being replaced by another Dolmatovskaya film – “The Soldier of Love.” It is dedicated to one of the most important stories of our cinema – theater and film actress Valentina Serova, whose star rose quickly with the 1939 comedy “A Girl with Character”, after strengthened by the films “Hearts of Four” and “Waiting for me. “- a story about great love, about the art of waiting and faith. The amazing beauty, proud and strong character for the audience became a standard for people with a decorative letter, and the story of his love, first with the famous pilot Anatoly Serov, and the first artist Konstantin Simonov. for the whole country. This story was covered in a romantic atmosphere. The heroine of strength from the movie “Wait for me” gave strength to millions of Soviet women, who were about to victory, to believe and wait for their loved ones to return home. and the condition of his wife actress, the story is ready for the whole world and very happy.

Everything in the world is different. He was very fond of the actress, the famous artist dedicated poems and books to her, wrote plays for her, these plays were performed in many countries of the world, she received honorary titles , becomes the leader, she is still waiting for him. back home. Health problems, alcoholism. Many years later, the singer wrote his new verse, his farewell: “I can’t write a poem to you, even if you were before, and you too… I stopped loving you you…”. He appeared less on the Lenkom stage, and then he was forced to go from theater to theater with bad actions, blocking activities (Maly, the name of the Moscow Council , also Lenkom, Theater-Studio of the film actor), and appeared on the screen again in the 1956 film “The Immortal Garrison”, the audience was not sure how good he was. Her last film role was General Kukarnikova in Vanyushin’s Children (1973). Two years later, the actress was found dead in her apartment, robbed by unsuspecting drinking buddies. Only Vechernyaya Moskva will briefly tell about the journey of the best of the whole country.

The story of the rise and fall of the actress and the most beautiful woman has reached the filmmakers more than once, until nothing bright came out of the action films. Perhaps because the name of Serova is covered with myths and stories, including dirty and stupid things, it is impossible to separate the chaff from the wheat, and relatives of famous people, one way or another affects his life. each time he resists attempts to “enter the past.”

Galina Dolmatovskaya’s film is about this fate of the author, who knows and still loves her characters. For the serious viewer, this documentary tells more about the character and talent of Valentina Serova than all the Wikipedia articles and many newspaper publications put together.

This film, under the conditions of the copyright holders, will also be shown at our club for one week only, from February 4 to 11. Check it out.


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