“Rejuvenated again?”: Alla Pugacheva, 72, was suspected of a new plastic

The prima donna looks amazing


– The place is alive, the children are still young! -Even before the epidemic, Alla Pugacheva explained her youthful appearance.

However, this spring the artist will be 73 years old, but his passport looks twenty years old. Two years ago, Alla Borisovna was accused of a new plastic surgery. However, the star denied the interference.

– It was banned by doctors due to diabetes and heart disease. I feel beautiful. I was lucky, my husband, someone loved me. Behind me is a true man,” Pugacheva said about Maxim Galkin.

It’s less of an actress.

But in the new video in the store of the designer Igor Gulyaev, it is clear that the artist has become less: a perfect skin without a single wrinkle, an oval face, a good nose.

– “Renewed yet? New plastic?” Fans of the home artist are in the news.

Beauty experts are sure that Alla Borisovna is very beautiful, because the star is a guest in beauty salons and clinics.

The prima donna wants to be young and beautiful for her husband and their young children Harry and Lisa.

“Alla Borisovna has done a lot of beautification and rituals in her life,” said beautician Marta Orlova in an interview with kp.ru. -We must admit that she is very young and beautiful for her age. This is the result of endoscopic brow lift, smas lift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery, I think, more than once). To the list of procedures, we dare to add Botox injections, fillers, and threading. There was a time a few months ago when hypercorrection was thrown on the face, but it is a procedure that is expected and you want to keep the most important results after the period of correction and “decreasing of the tissue, ” said Orlova.

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