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Dr. Nenette Nava, Pablita Nava, Patty Jane Ong, Chrysee Samillano, Svet Sevilleno, Amy Ong, Juliet Emperado, Roy Aguilar and Miriam Bayles (l-r) at the opening of the group art exhibit in Talisay City Sunday*

The Christian Artists National Various Arts Society (CANVAS) is holding a group art exhibit in partnership with Babayi Art Group at the gallery of Pablita Nava in Talisay City, Negros Occidental which opened Sunday and will run until May 17.

Titled “Lilies of Resurrection II”, the exhibit features the works of visual artists Miriam Bayles, Daniel Bayles, Elijah Bayles, Jasper Bayles, Karen Bayles, Nimshi Badrina, Arthalia Grace Bernas, Angelo Emperado, Juliet Emperado, Konica Tracy Faustino, Pablita Nava, Amy Ong, Patty Jane Ong, Roberto Sumugat, Jr, Karlota Sumugat and Chrysee Samillano.

Art pieces of (from left) Elijah Bayles, Daniel Bayles, and Pablita Nava*
Artworks of Nimshi Badrina, Juliet Emperado, and Karen Bayles (l-r)*
Amy Ong’s art piece*

Pablita Nava, owner of Pablit Nava Hidden Gallery, Dr. Nenet Nava and Miriam Bayles, founder of Babayi Art Group were the guests of honor at the opening program.

Nava thanked Miriam Bayles for her initiative in organizing the group art exhibit which can inspire viewers about the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ through the artists’ individual creations.*

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