Revealed the debts of the husband-millionaire Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

In the past, Peter Chernyshev, and his famous wife, said about glossy covers and gave interviews.

Photo: Mila Strizh

Since Anastasia Zavorotnyuk died of oncology (the actress has glioblastoma of the brain, one of the most aggressive tumors that killed Zhanna Friske, Dmitry Hvorostovsky and others), her family has been isolated. If earlier Pyotr Chernyshev, and his famous wife, said about glossy covers and giving interviews, now you can see Zavorotnyuk’s husband at Tatiana Navka’s ice shows. The Olympic champion is a close friend of the artist, so he always has leading roles in Navka Show’s ice productions. Then the prices increased – for example, for the New Year holidays, Pyotr Chernyshev received 7 million 875 thousand rubles for participation in the construction of Swan Lake.

However, despite earning millions, the skier also has debts. The website found that from November 2021 to January 2022, Zavorotnyuk’s husband collected unpaid “letters of happiness” from the traffic police for 27,750 rubles. The Mercedes-Benz S350 car was built for the 78-year-old mother-in-law of fashion designer Valentina Borisovna Zavorotnyuk, and other family cars – Nissan and Porsche. At the same time, surveillance cameras on the roads determined that Chernyshev was the driver.

Petr Chernyshev’s violations always fall within the view of video cameras.

The skater received the fastest tickets. In addition, there are penalties for not complying with the signs, leaving the public transport lane, violating the vehicle, even leaving the car. Some of the “cheerful letters” weren’t paid on time, so it wasn’t long before the driver (or better yet, his father-in-law, the owner of the car) had credit problems and was at risk of entry. into the donor database. .

Currently, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is still fighting a serious illness. As her daughter Anna said recently, the treatment was expensive; for ordinary patients, these amounts are unimaginable. The artist himself has been completely changed by the death: “It’s hard to see him like this,” his daughter said briefly. However, the news that Zavorotnyuk could not tell because of the disease turned out to be a myth – the family denied this story.


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