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ROAD IMPROVEMENT. The Department of Public Works and Highways – Nueva Ecija 2nd District Engineering Office has completed some PHP95.72 million road and drainage improvement projects along a 1.785-kilometer section of Daang Maharlika in Barangay Castellano, San Leonardo town. The improvements were implemented to reduce its vulnerability to structural damage for the safety and convenience of motorists. (Photo courtesy of DPWH-3)

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga – Motorists going in and out of Nueva Ecija via Daang Maharlika can now have safer trips following the completion of some PHP95.72-million worth of improvement projects by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) – 2nd District Engineering Office.

The road and drainage improvements along the 1.785-kilometer section of the highway in Barangay Castellano, San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija are expected to provide immediate relief to motorists and commuters as well as safety during heavy rains.

Nueva Ecija District Engineer Elpidio Y. Trinidad said on Tuesday the infrastructure works along Daang Maharlika were implemented to reduce its vulnerability to structural damage due to long service for the convenience of the public.

Funded under the 2021 national budget, the network development projects include the concreting and asphalting of road shoulders with a total width of 1.70 meters on each side to maximize the use of the existing road, cater to slow-moving vehicles, and accommodate the large volume of traffic.

Also, a drainage canal, sidewalk, and combined curb and gutter were built to maintain the safety of motorists traveling on the said road network.

“With the new drainage system in place, we are expecting that flooding problems in Barangay Castellano will be mitigated,” Trinidad said in a statement.

He said the drainage structure was also designed to convey excess water to a larger drainage system such as the Peñaranda River and prevent the stagnation of water in the carriageway.

“Saturated pavements affect road performance and often result in its rapid deterioration, causing road accidents and discomfort to public motorists and commuters,” he added.

According to the DPWH’s annual average daily traffic counts, a total of 22,546 vehicles passed through the Barangay Castellano section of Daang Maharlika in 2020, making it one of the busiest road networks in the country.
The DPWH has been implementing various road improvement projects in Nueva Ecija in support of the government’s goal of enhancing mobility along the areas to boost economic activities.

Last February, the DPWH reported the completion of six improvement road projects that include asphalt overlay and reblocking in the different sections of Jose Abad Santos Avenue (JASA), one of the province’s primary roads to prevent early deterioration of the pavements caused by the passage of heavy vehicles. (PNA)

Safer travel seen as DPWH completes P96-M road works in N. Ecija – SubicBayNews | WSN[Whatsapp Status New]


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