Scandal over private nursing homes breaks out in France

The fact that in French nursing homes, there are people who need special care, far from everything in order, was known before. However, the book “Sepuldiggers” by the independent journalist Víctor Castane brought out the impact of the bomb explosion, which caused great damage to the country.

What is the story? How, for profit, the elderly are treated, even, in private private institutions owned by Orpea, a world leader in this sector. In France alone, there are more than two hundred establishments, and throughout the world, more than a thousand. In addition, Orpea is positioned as a structure that provides the best living conditions, which, as we have seen, costs a penny for visitors. After all, living there is not cheap: more than five to six thousand euros per room per month or more.

The reason for the investigation is the statements of some of the staff of the nursing home of this “Bank of the Seine” network, located in one of the largest suburbs of Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine. One of them, Saida Bulayan, said that the management of the business will stock everything, for food and hygiene products. “A law was issued according to the person, regardless of his condition and illness, especially internal problems, to have three diapers a day,” the journalist quoted his words in the book. And I really had to fight to get another one.” According to him, the elderly “lived with the smell of urine.” Another said that members of the organization kept a cookie count. in each section, and not one was sent above the prescribed standard.

Prolonged by these admissions, Victor Castane asked a reasonable question: If this is happening in a nursing home, how are other nursing homes doing? For three years he traveled throughout the country, recording 250 interviews with people who live in this area, as well as visitors and their relatives. “Everywhere, they told me about those problems,” he said briefly in an interview in the pages of La Croix newspaper. “It’s a saving in profits, there’s no staff. When it comes to an industry, you think it’s a special case, but when it comes to many, it’s a different system.”

In addition, it did not go unnoticed by journalists. While working on the book, Víctor Castán came up with different characters. Not only threats, but also bribery. They also offered a fine of 15 million euros for not publishing Gravediggers. In addition, pressure was exerted on people who were scheduled to meet as part of the investigation. Sometimes it happened that some of them went back almost a day before the scheduled time.

A man, regardless of his condition or illness, should have three diapers a day

Although the company denied all the accusations, calling them “false and damaging to the reputation”, Orpea’s shares on the Paris Stock Exchange dropped a third. In addition, the scandal angered the French parliament and political circles. Delegates from right-wing groups called for the creation of a commission to determine the true nature of private nursing homes. “We need to protect our older generation, to be respected, so the idea of ​​profiteering is not allowed here,” said the leader of the “National Association” and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

The CEO of the criminal company was fired on Monday, but it looks like his troubles won’t end there.


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