Sergei Penkin: “I had all forms of coronavirus. And the omicron too!

Sergei Penkin could not leave for his “60th” tour around the country.

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Singer Sergei Penkin is finalizing preparations for two major concerts in Moscow. Viewers are known to attend events using the QR code. But epidemiologists also have a unique work ethic.

– Sergey, are you rich in antibodies? The death of the coronavirus?

– It seems that I am infected with all types of coronaviruses, including omicron. He has given the diagnosis of antibodies – many. I can boast: 435 units, so I can donate plasma. In general, this program, to be honest, I have followed. I haven’t been able to go on my “60” birthday tour around the country, which is a foot show. I hope to reach the Volga region in March. I wish you a speedy recovery from this difficult situation and good health.

– I know that artists are worried in the evening of concerts: how not to kill themselves or someone else in the group. On February 11 and 12 there will be two concerts with the orchestra at the Casa de la Música. What is special about preparing for an epidemic?

– The preparations for the third month are very intense, the program is big and rich. But everything will be fine for us, the format of the rehearsals with the orchestra will not be changed in any way, this can only be done in a live format, it is not possible to rehearse with the orchestra via zoom or Skype. We pray to God that everyone will be healthy and that everything will reach the highest level. I can say that a few days before the concert, my producer separated me from everyone. We isolate ourselves from everyone so that we don’t touch each other.

– Recently lost 17 kg with proper diet. How do you like it? Judging by the concerts, his unique voice, 4 octave range, has he remained young?

– I try to protect my voice as much as possible – it’s my work tool. I try to stay fit and eat well. But it’s not easy: to be honest, I like food. But I have a long-standing diet from Margarita Koroleva (nutritionist) to help me recover quickly.

– This week you were in a bad place. They write that Sergei Penkin “cuts the oxygen” Diva. You have a good relationship with this family. I remember that last year for the anniversary concert, he received a congratulatory call from Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva, who said that they had just been infected with covid, so they could not come . What happened?

– Journalists chose everything and wrote it as they wanted. I did not complain about the bad relationship with Alla in the interview. Instead, I talked about the fact that Alla and Max were the only people who called me first and congratulated me on my birthday. Also, at a concert in Crocus, other famous colleagues performed a duet of songs from my repertoire with me. I won’t offend anyone, especially Alla! I think this is just a journalist’s guess about his name. For me, he is the first, the only one, the only one. And it’s no coincidence that I have many versions of his songs in my repertoire and all of them are my favorites. Give the woman the chance to be happy, her wonderful little children and the husband she has been waiting for so many years!


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