“Sobchak fell in love with his songs and wants plastic surgery for the first one”: Slava Kaminskaya told how she exploited social networks

The success of the new Instagram star has garnered tens of millions of views.


In May, former “NeAngelov” singer Slava Kaminskaya released the single and video “Slava Bogu”, which immediately became the most popular song of the summer, with more than 10 million views. Just yesterday, Slava was the ex-singer of the beautiful couple NeAngely, and now Ksenia Sobchak and other famous writers are shooting her tracks on tik-toks.

In an exclusive interview with kp.ru, the new social media star talked about her ability to conquer the blogosphere, about beauty secrets and how she stayed with her ex-boyfriend.

– Slava, now you are blowing all the rates in the blogosphere, it appears now for the artist, are social networks the best promotion?

– Yes, it’s obvious that social networks help, but I can’t say that they will solve it. Everything is determined by music and style, says Kaminskaya. If you have a lot of music resources, everything changes, if the music doesn’t relate to anything, no matter how expensive it is to make the tracks, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on advertising. you will not mislead people. It’s the same with people – if the artist is “cloudy”, there is nothing to say about his story, there is nothing wrong with him – the viewer will not be interested in following him.

The success of the song Slava Bogu has nothing to do with the power of my Instagram. People liked the text, the music and the light video, there is a lot of work on TikTok (although I am far from this place), now there are almost 10 million on YouTube and millions of views on sites .

How has your life changed since you went solo?

– Change it? It looks a little different. Working with a manufacturer is a great advantage: you are protected, behind a reliable shoulder and swim only – these shoulders are mine.

For 15 years, I have developed a style, which is very difficult to escape. For example, at first, due to inertia, people expected NeAngely’s music at concerts, and it took me a long time to stay in the public’s mind as a soloist with a different repertoire.

The musical pleasure of some of the songs on my new album is similar to “NeAngelov”, because the authors of “Roman” and “Let go” worked on the tracks. I’m sure that I don’t want to, I can’t cancel these 15 years of my work, and many fans loved me because of the success of the songs and waiting for the episode.

A weapon was dedicated to the first.

Two years ago, Slava divorced the father of her children, plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky. But it seems that the ex-husband managed to maintain the relationship, the artist said that he dedicated his new song “Your Name” to Edgar.

“I don’t really like to ‘dedicate’ directly, but this song is about a person and my feelings for him,” Kaminskaya told “KP.” “After the first performance, I immediately wrote to him that this song is for you. . He received many compliments because he liked the composition very much. I have indicated that it is a love story. this for a long time will not go anywhere, but it will change, it will be seen that the children continue. I think it is easy to guess who we are talking about.

– You have maintained a good relationship with your husband for the children, even taking a break together. What is the best advice you would give to divorced couples? It is clear for children that it is impossible to burn all bridges, but you have a great relationship with the first …

– First of all, you should put your money somewhere far away and think about the children – says the singer – It is necessary to have the same attention and love of both parents, there is nothing better they are happy with mom and dad. living with them.

Of course, immediately after the breakup there will be anger, arguments and arguments, this is normal, we are all human beings. But how long it lasts is a matter of choice and priorities.

The sooner you decide everything and talk, the sooner you will avoid complaints and return to a calm life.

My best advice is to stay away from fights, look at everything from the outside and think through the eyes of a child, in my case, a girl who does not want her childhood to be involved in conflicts, his mistake. main. Now I am happy that our children Leonard and Laura are growing in a healthy microclimate, mom and dad are not losing their attention, they are happy, and I send them as a response.

Glory to ex-husband and son


– A question from your subscriber Inna: Is Slava Kaminskaya a vampire girl, a loving mother or an abuser? (That’s the name of one of singer-Ed.’s songs)?

– Popularity takes many different forms. I am different depending on the people around me, the situation, the mood, the feelings.

The only constant is the drama queen, I still have her (laughs).

“Not a single injection will result in a butt nut”

In addition to scars, social networks are talking about Kaminskaya’s bright appearance, and think that plastic surgery is how the artist takes care of herself.

– Treatments or injections? How do you maintain beauty? Any plans for future experiments in the beauty industry?

– Treatments and injections, I like the complex. Now that I am satisfied with my appearance, I am working on my body image. Despite the fact that I like injections, no one ruled out sports and food. A single injection will not remove the edges and will not create a butt nut. I have to relate in every way, even though I can’t say I’m a sports fan. My favorite sport is two hours on stage in heels.

– And if you decide to have plastic surgery, will you contact your ex-boyfriend?

– Edgar, by the way, did not tell me about plastic surgery, but, he believes that it is a beautiful and simple procedure. But, most likely, in the future, if I need to renew, I will trust him without hesitation. Edgar has great aesthetic taste, he’s an artist, that’s why.

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