Striptease bomb shelter: how the people of Kiev prepare for the “invasion” of Russia

Who would have thought, but in one of these bomb shelters was… a glove

Photo: Elena MATVEEVA

Authorities in Kiev have created an interactive map of bomb shelters, telling people that Russia is ready to “invade” Ukraine. On the map you can see the shelters closest to you. You open it and it seems … the whole of Kiev is still a bomb shelter!

But what are these hidden places? And do the townspeople know why they have to run there? This was tried to be discovered by a special writer of Komsomolskaya Pravda who came to Kiev.


– Does your hotel have a bomb shelter? I asked at the reception.

– We don’t! The nearest bomb shelter is the subway, – answered the girl.

– Do you think there will be a war with Russia?

– I don’t think so! I hope we don’t need prison.

Most bomb shelters in Kiev are dual-use sites. It is called “ukritta”. In addition to the subway, these are the basement floors of residential buildings, intersections and parking lots.

First, I decided to investigate how the people of the settlements on the left bank of the Dnieper prepare for the “Russian bomb”. The buildings here are thick, on one of the buildings is written “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes”. No “ukrittya” inscription anywhere.

Most bomb shelters in Kiev are dual-use sites. They are called “ukrittya”

Photo: Elena MATVEEVA

Where is your bomb shelter? I asked a boy and a girl who were passing by.

– Why, it’s time to call, has the war begun? Young people laugh at me.

– Yes, where will it fly?

– I run in the subway, in the tunnel. Most of the time, when we live, we live again. Well, guess what, it’s a blast, – the man said bravo.

When they found out I was from Russia, the guys started chatting with me and then said goodbye.

It seems that all of Kiev is still a bomb shelter!

Photo: Elena MATVEEVA

I interviewed more than a dozen people who were passing by, none of whom had heard anything about “ukrittya”.

– Hmm, that’s a good question, I need to know, – said one of my speakers.

Surprisingly, I did not see any hostility from the people of Kiev to the “Muscovites” (the capital “Akan” was still familiar to me). We chat with passers-by about hate speech, fake news, stupid news shows and boredom. No one told me to go to Russia, no one was cruel. Maybe I was lucky, I didn’t join the national fans.

– They say there will be an underground parking lot as a bomb shelter, – the mother and two children tell me where to go.

I knocked on the window for the guard.

– There are no bomb shelters here! arrange.

– And where?

– Should I? And why do you want it? Goodbye, – almost curled his finger to his temple, the man burned me.


I go to the other side of town, to the right. Vinogradar microdistrict. It takes about 15 minutes from the metro, if you are lucky enough to have a car. But here I was lucky. In every house there is a sign “ukrittya” and a bell to go. There are also signs at the entrances. Arrows – in basements. But everyone is shut out. Honestly, it’s about to hang up a paper and a phone. I’m calling.

– Why are all the envelopes closed? Where does it fly?

– Keep away from homeless people and cats! That’s right, we opened it, they answered me. Wake up, you’ll hear me called a city nut. Of course they admit that there are a lot of calls.

There is a piece of paper and a phone next to it.

Photo: Elena MATVEEVA

– When the bombs go off, do they still call? I will explain

– To call! – sounds are heard in the head.

The people of Kiev told me that the “ukrittya” articles appeared in 2014. After Crimea returned to Russia, hysteria began in Kiev and the city was bombed. So we decided to use the basements.

– Yes, the bill floats in these rooms! There, among us, the pipe broke, because the ambergris reached the ninth floor. They couldn’t fix it for six months. What are these bomb shelters? – one of the residents is angry.

Ukrittya’s articles came out in 2014

Photo: Elena MATVEEVA


– Klitschko (the head of Kiev. – Ed.) Says that everyone can hide in the way. Then you reach this meter! The Prospekt Pravdy station was promised to be opened a year ago. Arrested. And Klitschko promised that he would open it before the end of the year, but his money was stolen. Now, it seems, it will take another five years. Should we wait for Putin to finish building the subway here? – local people get excited.

Klitschko says that everyone can hide in the subway


And he told a funny story. In 2014, in the residential buildings, it was decided to introduce a special area, from now on, there will be an escape. The Ministry of Emergency Situations will set up tents here and they will drive trucks.

– Yes, so the owners were given the opportunity to finance and build a shopping center on this site. The investigation opened a criminal case. But he also received a bribe and the case was closed. That’s the whole sentence for you, – people will understand.


The bomb shelter map shows many of the sites that are still owned or rented by private owners. Between them is a store and medicine on the ground floor.

“If suddenly they don’t let people in, some come with knives, some with knives, and they break the doors,” said my friend from Kiev.

Who would have thought, but in one of these bomb shelters was… a glove. Velyka Vasylkivska Street, 58. Indeed, the sign on the building: Chervonoarmiyska, 58 (in translation – Krasnoarmeyskaya). The street changed its name in the heat of the breakup, but they either forgot the signs or didn’t have enough money. Inside the house there is a sign of “ukrittya” and an arrow on the ground floor. A black glass door, steep steps, a picture of a red key hole on the wall. This is the bomb shelter, but the Penthouse of the men’s club.

In order not to be too ridiculous in the men’s club, I asked a friend from Kiev to stay with me. We went down to the bottom. The bottom door is locked. We press the red button. For a long time no one opened the door, and finally a rush began outside the door. On the threshold of the ambal is a guardian with the face of a tyrant and… a dwarf woman. Pants, red shirt, white shirt, black hat and visor.

This is the bomb shelter, but the Penthouse of the men’s club.

Photo: Elena MATVEEVA

“Come, please,” said the dwarf.

At first we found ourselves in a small room with about 4-5 people – what a wind-raid shelter there is! The doors are closing behind us. Then some open, and we find ourselves in a narrow passage with red glowing panels.

– Are there visitors? I asked.

– There it is. You are the first, – said the guard.

More men and a couple of girls appear from the street. Everyone looked at us as if we were the Russian army invading Kiev. Of course, they don’t expect guests here, and we don’t even look like people from a strip club.

– There are few people during the week, most of them come on weekends, but weekends are more expensive, – said one of the men.

– From you 400 hryvnia, from the girl – 500. And another 1000 hryvnia for the deposit on the site. This money can buy you a drink, my friend said to himself.

The price will bite. Translated into rubles – more than 6 thousand for two.

– Can I see the club? No peeling. We are tourists and we heard there is a bomb shelter here. You do not worry, but for us there is no one today, – I pointed out.

As soon as I said this, the club manager or manager jumped at us. It was obvious that he was the boss here.

– This is not a bomb shelter! Now there’s no fighting, it’s going to happen, please! We have a steel club here. You pay as much as you deserve or you leave,” he said.

Our conversation partners really expected us to leave. But… we will pay.


– No additional questions! Watch the show carefully. And no photos or videos! – The guard gave us a bad warning.

The evening did not have time to grow weak.

We were taken to the big house. Six tables, 12 red chairs and sofas line the walls. That’s all bomb protection for you.

That’s all bomb protection for you.

A red sofa in the shape of lips is on the stage, and a washer is spinning on a pole. We sat at the table. Behind us stands one ambal, in front – another. Two more at the bar. Everyone was watching us. I touched the phone and people jumped out of their seats and grabbed my hands. I admit, I enjoyed joking with them.

A waiter in a short shirt and fishnet stockings came to us. Beverages served. My friend rubbed her eyes: she doesn’t wear skirts. The bag we made was enough for 2 glasses of wine.

There was a “reserved” sign on the table near the stage, but no one came to the club except us. They were replaced by strippers on stage. All together, like flies sleeping. Some of them were too lazy to take off their clothes. Sometimes the girls circle the pole, but mostly they stand or sit on the sofa, rubbing each other. The entire show lasts 30 minutes. After that, idlers lose their power. We were offered another drink and told that was it.

As the girls left the stage, the bands untied us. I tried my best to take a photo of the empty room, but the bartender gave a sign and within a minute I was attacked by two thugs.

– We said: “no photos!” It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a girl! Well, get rid of it! asked the guard.

– Yes, your photo is the same as the club’s website! I tried to deny it.

– Now, delete it! the man shouted. It seems like a long time ago that we were kicked out of the striptease bomb shelter.

Suddenly we finished our drinks and hurried to the exit. People breathed a sigh of relief. Well, if a bomb hits Kiev, you might not have a warm welcome waiting for you here. Even though it’s stripped down, it’s not perfect.


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