Tatyana Doronina did not receive a covid vaccine, so she works remotely

Tatyana Doronina at the evening dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the Moscow Art Theater named after M. Gorky, 2018. Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofiev / TASS

Tatyana Doronina was expected by many to take the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky on January 25, the day of his name. The director of the theater Vladimir Kekhman also spoke about this. But it did not happen, the People’s Artist of the USSR did not just leave the theater, but the play “Vassa Zheleznova”, which he was going to see, was not there. But there were reports online that Doronina was in a nursing home. Some of the media were very specific about this about the actress of the Moscow Art Theater Lidia Matasova. Ridiculous comments. But the best people, who have reached the age of 80, have reached the “pension for the elderly.” You don’t know what Doronina is.

For clarification, turn directly to Lydia Matasova.

– What are you doing! What is a nursing home? Tatyana Vasilievna is still in the Barvikha hospital, Lidia Matasova told kp.ru. – What is this “kindness house”! (Sanatorium “Barvikha” of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, where accommodation is based on the basic principle – from 17,700 thousand per day – Ed.).

Everything is fine with her, Tatyana Vasilievna has a healthy mind and memory. I am not authorized to speak about his health. He has an assistant who provides information about the theater. Now Doronina is working remotely, like everyone else.

– I looked at the website of the Moscow Art Museum – an empty bulletin board. The shows are held for just one week in February. It’s thought the theater hasn’t worked since New Year’s…

– We had a long quarantine. We went to work on January 4th and were quarantined until January 19th. So, there was no time to release the play “Vassa”. In general, there are restrictions due to covid: age – 60+, 30% occupancy of the room … (that occupancy was canceled a long time ago, Moscow theaters are working with 75 % of the room, even if the audience has a QR code – Ed.). We are finalizing the repertoire, preparing for the rehearsal. Available from mid-February to 2nd October.

– How will the theater be now? Don’t artists work?

– The new director Vladimir Kekhman promised us a tour, saying that we will rehearse new works and play the repertoire. We may have a chance. Tatyana Vasilievna also believes: artists need to play, to practice, to work. He brings back the “White Guard”. But he has not been vaccinated against covid. For this reason, he is waiting for the epidemic to subside before he can return to the theater.

Not all employees of the Moscow Art Theater are in such a kind mood as Lydia Matasova.

– From February 14 the entire repertoire will be cancelled. On February 15, the theater will be closed for major renovations. At the same time, there will be a big meeting for the company, they will tell us how to stay, the theater worker said. – St. John’s mechanical services are still working. Petersburg for us. The renovation work will be carried out by the same company that renovated the Mikhailovsky Theater. Kekhman is planning a new work for Peter I. But at the moment there is no information about playing the repertoire in other places. Kekhman came to us for other purposes: to dismiss Eduard Boyakov (former art director of the Moscow Art Museum) and to close the theater for renovation. People are worried and restless. We don’t really know what’s going on. Apparently they weren’t fired, but they were put on extended leave. And how will it happen…

Source: www.kp.ru

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