The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation explained who is responsible for the buyer without a mask

The Supreme Court confirmed its previous position: it is unfair for people who have been convicted of not wearing face masks where they are supposed to wear them to challenge the fines.

The fact is that some of the authorized dealers insisted that the shopping centers should provide masks to the visitors, but they did not do so. But the SC said that this does not prevent people from being responsible. The portal Pravo ru reported on this decision of the Supreme Court.

If the store does not provide the guest with personal protective equipment, this does not require the person to be there without a mask. That’s exactly what was said at the end of the Supreme Court’s consideration of two such cases in January.

Anyone who entered one of these cases in the building of Kurgan Central Market without a mask, despite the fact that this was required by the health rules and restrictions imposed in the region. As a result, people are punished.

In the Kurgan City Court, the criminal did not deny that he lived in the house without a mask, but he said that he thought that the right of the mask was illegal. The court found him guilty and fined him 2,000 rubles. The higher authorities confirmed the justice of the punishment.

But the fine was challenged before the Supreme Court. In his opinion, the management of the establishment should provide the visitor with personal protective equipment. Stores and other public places must also provide masks to people “in accordance with state health regulations.”

The second suspect entered a shopping center in Abakan last January without a mask. In Khakassia, there is still a mask culture in public places.

The result: the court of the city of Abakan saw this as a violation of sanitary laws and fined the customer 7,500 rubles. A fine resident from Abakan also went to the Supreme Court, where he complained that he was not given a mask at the shopping center.

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation: the proof of the actions of people without masks does not depend on the lack of action of other people, and the obligation to check the mask method is directly assigned to people.

In the second case, the Supreme Court also emphasized the lack of evidence that the mask was not in stock at the specified location of the shopping center.

The Supreme Court, in the decisions of these cases, confirmed the violations of the citizens themselves. And it has nothing to do with them if the stores have managed to give masks to the guests.

The rating of the work does not depend on the lack of work of other people, and the obligation to observe the eye culture is given directly to the people, said the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

In the first review of the actions in the “coronavirus” cases, the President of the Supreme Court explained that the law “For the protection of the population and territories from natural disasters and human activities ” must comply with the standards specified therein. , but other requirements may be imposed by local authorities.

Therefore, the High Court said, taking administrative responsibility for violation of local sanitation laws is very appropriate.


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