The authors of the memorial plaque to Legasov confused him with the actor from “Chernobyl”

In the Tula residence “Shakhter” there is a place named in honor of the Hero of Russia, the expert Valery Legasov. Only on the information plate is not a photo of the person who led the elimination of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, but a photo of Jared Harris, who played a scientist in the series “Chernobyl”.

“What is the appearance of a famous photo, but not yet a specialist, but an actor Jared Harris on the site named after our famous specialist Valery Legasov? Just by searching for his last name, it will be found You have a biography like the photo of Legasov in search,” wrote Sasha Afanasyev, who noticed the mistake, on social media.

Later, the organizers of the “Engineers of the Future” conference, which took place in the Tula region in the summer, also found it. It was decided to decorate the house in Shakhtar for it, there is a sign of the event on the sign.

– It’s just a mistake. The sign was posted a few days ago, it has now been removed, – the pension manager told RG.

Valery Legasov (1936-1988) was a member of the government commission to eliminate the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, was one of the first to arrive at the site of the disaster and was there when the remaining members of the commission returned to Moscow. Legasov made several important decisions to prevent further explosions and to inform the USSR government about the situation. The radiation dose received by the scientist was four times higher than allowed and it seriously affected his health. Two years later, Valery Alekseevich died. In 1996 he received the title of Hero of Russia.


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