The debts of the “double” of the Ural Zlatoust forced the Siberian woman to change her passport

A resident of Novosibirsk with the common nickname “Marshal”, Zhukova, decided to change it due to complaints from government agencies, collectors and a commercial bank.

Last week, Svetlana received a passport bearing her mother’s maiden name, Diveeva. The reason for the “renewal” of the family is the debts of a whole name living in the Urals Zlatoust, and the life of a Siberian woman has been ruined for nine years. Svetlana, who has not been tainted by anything in front of the financial institutions, was denied a loan without explanation or not from her accounts, but they took the money from her and confused the information in it in civil registration.

The fact that she has a name in the remote Chelyabinsk region, Svetlana learned for the first time in 2013. It turned out that women do not have the same name, surname, patronymic, but the date family Then the employees of Rosreestr, who conducted the documents at the request of a resident of Novosibirsk, suddenly reported that he has a third home in Zlatoust. Although the Siberian has not yet reached the industrial city. The university apologized and changed the certificate.

– But almost two years later, in March 2015, someone called, apparently a collector. He still insisted on returning the debt to the bank, which was a huge amount of 360 thousand rubles, says Svetlana. – I remembered talking with Rosreestr, explained what the problem was, and on the other end of the cable they promised to check everything. They probably weren’t investigating anything, because the calls kept going. Tired, they call every day except Saturday and Sunday.

Today Svetlana is listed in the register of self-employed workers and works as a dressmaker. And at that time he was working on the railway, and his entire shift became a witness to how he justified himself by calling the collector later. After a few months, the hopes that the bank will fix it are dashed. I have to go to the branch.

The employee agreed to the request. He said that it would be better if he returned the money to the bank and did not try to leave, “Svetlana recalled. – It is easier for an employee to trust a digital database than a live person with document.

As a result, everything was revealed, but in December last year the “shadow” of Svetlana from Zlatoust returned. The account of Public Services received a notice that a debt was “hanging” on the Siberian woman, now a tax. The money was small, 250 rubles, but the situation of the woman was also worried. After all, public services involve identifying the user not only by name and surname, but also by NIF, passport and other data. As it turned out, the “system”, which has already registered Svetlana as a credit, does not pay attention to this information. And this applies to both office staff and digital platforms. Other debts will always arise, the certificate from the bank is proof of non-adherence.

In connection with the new loan, Svetlana received two orders from the bailiffs. One lists three accounts that can be credited tax-free. At the same time, the stories of two of them are from Siberia, but the third, apparently, is from a resident of the Chelyabinsk region. In other words, in the official document, the debtor is not only mixed, but “blind” between the two people. The two cards of the owner of the ‘double’ were blocked until the circumstances were clarified.

Svetlana from Novosibirsk (pictured) “received” Svetlana from the history of Zlatoust debt, which she did not know. Photo: Nikita Zaikov

What is interesting is the second resolution: on the prohibition of registration actions related to the vehicle. In this article, only one car was identified and sent to Svetlana Zhukova from Novosibirsk. The woman must call Zlatoust and prove again, now to the bailiffs, that he had nothing to do with her. The mediator checked everything, opened the cards, thanked and promised to enter the Siberian woman’s data in a register of “twins”. Indeed, the prosecutor explained that if he leaves his position and another person takes his place, history may repeat itself.

– What if your car is towed? – Svetlana asked. – I’m used to not getting credit. No items or equipment can be purchased as such. I found four financial sources on the web that indicated I had bad credit history. What if you want to change your status from self-employed to sole proprietorship, for example? I’m not sure it works. So I decided to change my last name. So, even at the registry office, when he submitted the necessary application, the clerk opened the table in front of me and said: “You have three children, two of you are married, right?” So I am raising two daughters and happily in one marriage. The girl went to the Novosibirsk database and found my true information there. I also need to ask not to add anything important to the new passport.

It seems that, on the one hand, office structures and institutions show increasingly strong digital ways and transition to electronic document management platforms. On the other hand, the mere coincidence of a date and a name has given rise to a mistake that has been with a person for years.

According to the lawyer Nikolai Potapov, prosecutor, for example, request time and enter data at the registry office on the change of surnames in their database. And of course, they use it when making saving decisions. In other words, a person with a new passport may be mistaken for a creditor if they have a “dual” for their previous surname. Banks, however, do not delve into the details and quickly comply with the requirements of the prosecutors, because if they take too long they will be fined.

– Some legal decisions have already been made, but they are half-hearted, – said the expert. – For example, in the spring of 2020, changes to the Law “On Acceptance Procedures” will begin to work in part, expanding the list of information included in the work order. So, in relation to the debtor citizen, it is now necessary to indicate the full name, age and place of birth, but only one of the signs. SNILS number, TIN, passport or driver’s license. And, for example, when collecting a loan from the bank on a loan, an execution order should also be written in this way. However, the administration of this book has been suspended three times for certain purposes, such as management companies, public services and waste workers. The moratorium has also been extended to July 1, 2022.

Also, for some reason, the mentioned changes do not affect court orders, many of which are issued in our country, and the decisions of the bailiff.

“Let’s say that the bailiff has received a clarification order based on the new requirements,” Nikolai Potapov said. -But in the course of his duties, he issued a resolution where he seized the borrower’s money in the bank, but forgot to indicate the NIT or the passport number. And a credit institution, receiving such a decision, may mistakenly withhold funds from the entire name of the borrower. Until our legislature establishes a requirement for unrestricted identifying information on all administrative documents, all creditor names will be in jeopardy.

by the way

In the event of a fraudulent invoice, lawyers advise to contact the hotline of the regional office of the FSSP and explain the situation, and submit a complaint by registered mail with a copy of the passport, TIN or SNILS attached. The bailiff is bound to identify the “duplicate” and cancel the measures taken on his property. In addition, a new type of request for “twin people” has been created in the Internet access of the FSSP of Russia. The applicant has two days to consider the complaint, identify the citizen, remove the violations, and respond.


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