The end of the Ukrainian underground: in the Kherson region, security forces catch spies in “packages”

People cry: there are no “Natsiks” under their noses. Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS

In March, the Russian army expelled civilians from the Kherson region. On the 15th, the official head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Igor Konashenkov, announced this very famous event. People cry: there are no “Nazis” under their noses, there is no doubt and fascist “smell”, they are afraid that one of the ukrokatelists will appear and start firing a machine gun, showing his authority.

Works of Nowatsky

The fighters are gone. And the underground Nazis “held” in the region all these months, passed from the beginning of free life, in and around Kherson, are being “raised” by the police and the National Guard.

“Intellectuals” were the residents recruited by the Nazis, who were required to spy, inform and organize countermeasures. Law enforcement officers are looking for these “thinkers”: step by step, the Kherson region has been liberated from the Nazi underground. Although, in some cases, the civilian soldiers of the government of Kyiv show extraordinary efforts, to escape justice and give the necessary information to the authorities.

Take, for example, former Kherson policeman Oleksandr Novatsky, who installed video cameras throughout the city. It seems that they were sent to his phone: in this way, Novatsky monitored the movements of Russian forces in time and sent data to the Ukrainian side. One of the last orders to Novatsky from the employers was to investigate the leaders of the local administration.

“You have to look for them to eliminate them in the future,” the spy said when he was handcuffed by the National Guard.

The siloviki count people like Novatsky at once – their system is perfect and “fixed”. Last week, 70 colleagues from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine were arrested. Thanks to the good work of the security forces and law enforcement officials, the attacks allegedly planned by the southern extremists did not happen.

In addition, in the last seven days, nine caches of weapons have been found in Kherson region: grenade launchers, 80 guns, Igla launcher, grenades, bombs in homemade with gun bullets.

The Nazis were resurrected, and now they are in the hands

They are also arresting those who supported the creation of a children’s resistance movement and “sculpting” Nazis from school children, telling them that all Russians are inferior. Recently, the special services came in search of a former soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who, after being discharged, became a sports teacher for children. And the “soldier” is famous for the fact that before the start of the training, he tried to wash the young people, instilled in them radical ideas and called for fear of those who all speak Russian.

In the gymnasium where the classes were held, the special services found mines, nails, grenades, cartridges, bulletproof vests, military uniforms, marching orders, and campaign posters, flags of Ukrainian, military chevrons. In addition to all these “goodies”, cartoons were filmed teaching children how to plant mines, grenades, sabotage and terrorist attacks.

Shortly before this, workers covered a boys’ club in Kherson that promoted the ideas of fascism. It appeared that the “cell” was organized in 2016, and since then the mind and intelligence of many children have been damaged in it. The members of the club are children of different ages, from 7 to 17 years old. They were dressed in Western military uniforms and taught by foreign teachers.

Now the security forces are looking for the organizer of child abuse in the Kherson region, as well as all the “teachers” involved in cultivating the ideas of fascism among children and young people. Cleansing the Kherson region from fascist elements is in its most active phase.


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