The legacy of Viktor Merezhko – the folk artist renovated the house, leaving three apartments for the children.

Victor Merezhko.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Viktor Merezhko died of complications from the coronavirus at the age of 75. The family of the folk artist was friendly: the children loved and respected their father, called them every day and met regularly. The films of the famous director and writer can be seen reminiscent of Viktor Merezhko. Viktor Ivanovich’s son and daughter get paid for the paintings “Sonka the Golden Hand” and “Sonka”. Continuation of the story “, shot by Merezhko as a director and writer. These paintings were copyrighted, but Merezhko received a fee for the rest of the popular film work, so, according to the agreement, no fees are allowed. Merezhko filmed 72 films, 16 plays were performed, but he did not collect much wealth. However, he has a museum in Moscow, in the Moscow and St. Petersburg region.


Viktor Merezhko moved from Moscow to Saint Petersburg about ten years ago. His son lives: 39-year-old Ivan, like his father, became a director and writer. Viktor Ivanovich bought a small house in St. Petersburg with an area of ​​45 square meters on Shpalernaya Street in NA Sinelnikov, built in 1907. The price of this property is 17 million rubles.

Merezhko liked the location of his house, he said: “Seven minutes from Neva, ten from the summer garden, five from Fontanka. Unique place. The people of St. Petersburg are easier, less noise and hysteria. In the mornings the village artist worked, in the evenings he walked. He wrote articles during the day. He worshiped cleanliness and kept the strictest rules. well in the house, he liked to cook himself. His son often visited Viktor Ivanovich. Ivan forced his father to go to the hospital. Merezhko Sr. launched the death, as he expected to die at home.

Viktor Merezhko and his daughter Maria in 2018

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV


Viktor Merezhko’s daughter is in Moscow. Maria, 48 years old, took care of her father as much as she could: she always met Peter. In the city, Viktor Ivanovich left two houses – two “three rubles” not far from the Aeroport metro station, with an area of ​​75 square meters and Merezhko 77 square meters. Then Viktor Ivanovich bought the second one for the first fair price. Merezhko for the script for the film “Hello and Farewell” was paid four thousand rubles. Viktor Ivanovich said: “For me, it’s a mindless amount of money, and then I paid my first job. On average, a script at Mosfilm costs six thousand rubles, if there is a government order – eight. But they also paid the so-called distribution of that money. The price of “Volga” is ten thousand rubles, and my three-room apartment near the metro station “Airport”, there I live in Moscow, nine thousand five hundred.

Merezhko’s house in ZhSK “Dramaturg” cost 25 million rubles. The second “three rubles” – also 25 million rubles.

Viktor Merezhko in the studio of Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

moscow region

The Builder was a traitor, so one day he lost his dacha in the Ruza district. Merezhko saved a friend by asking him for a large sum of money. But the man turned out to be a thief, the money was not returned – the debt fell to Viktor Merezhko. Viktor Ivanovich remembers that: “They helped me to return some of the money, but at that time the dacha was already opened.” and for debts. After some time, my daughter Masha found a very nice house for us in the same town near Ruza”. The family bought a wooden house, almost like a summer house. The price of the houses in this village is 7 million rubles. While Merezhko lived in Moscow, he was involved in the improvement and repair of the country house. In addition, there is a plot of land in the Istra region of the region the photographer is from Moscow.

There is no dispute about property in the Merezhko family – all property in equal shares, by agreement, is divided between Ivan and Maria Merezhko.


Viktor Merezhko is the ghost of his aunt’s story about Kin. And he left the hero of “Flying in a dream and reality” from his brother.

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