The main Russian films of 2021 according to “Kinocracy”

“Sweet Bulgaria” last


Alexei Fedorchenko, one of the best and wisest Russian directors of our time, presented at the 43rd MIFF his dark interpretation of the main work of Mikhail Zoshchenko’s life – the story “Before the Dawn” – and he deserves the “Golden”. George”. However, they decided to give the main prize of the review to the “perfect” Romanian “#asshole”. Of course, “Silver George” for the best director in all cases is justified, but the silent state of the film at the time at the box office is a bit sad. This intelligent and brilliant film about the changes in the fate of a genius during the most important times for the world and the country is a must watch. Even if you know Zoshchenko from stories from the school curriculum. Review – here.



In recent years, many military films have been made in our country, and a large part of them is dedicated to military leaders. Among them, Renat Davletyarov’s drama is the best. Pyotr Fedorov, whom we also began to see on the screens more often (this is amazing), played a hero who continues to fight against the Nazis and lost his legs. Before that, he had to overcome an amazing path from a plane that had dropped from the front line to his own. Yes, all this is very reminiscent of “The Story of a Real Man”, but Davletyarov moved away from the direct relationship with Meresyev-Maresyev. Because there are many cases like this, and the “Pilot” seems to be much bigger. It turned out well, although without major flaws, it is easy to forgive the beautiful jungle scenes (rightly compared to Iñárritu’s “Mores”) and the most accurate aerial battles filmed. Review – here.

“Red Cat”


It’s about the war itself and how the party is at the center of the scene. Only this time is not normal. Andrey Bogatyrev decided on a very daring experiment, shooting a film about a sniper, a public speaker, positioning himself as the main hero of the Soviet Union and using the art of cinematography. In the end, the author seems afraid to go too far and change the subject, but this proves to be a very reasonable explanation. In one way or another, it looks different, but it is very well shot: the long fight for a private farm is a miracle for good. And the cast of “Red Ghost” (Yura Borisov, Vladimir Gostyukhin, Mikhail Gorevoy, Alexei Shevchenkov, Wolfgang Czerny) can decorate a movie. Review – here.

“Locked Diary”

Closing the military program, let’s remember again with the good word “Blockade Diary”, the winner of the 42nd MIFF and the owner of the Golden Eagle -2021, we wrote about the selection of the best films of 2020. will be leased only in the fall of 2021, it has the right place in the new list. In addition, last Thursday the country celebrated the 78th anniversary of the lifting of blockade in Leningrad. The epic painting by Andrey Zaitsev, the author of “14+”, is based on the memories of the singer Olga Berggolts and the Lock Book by Daniil Granin and Ales Adamovich. It shows the most difficult closing dates: the first winter. It’s an exciting and wonderful work, in the second part there is a place for warmth and a lot of hope in the first sight. Review – here.

“Day of the Dead”


Viktor Ryzhakov’s no-nonsense road movie tells the story of several generations of a typical Russian family through the complex communication between its two present-day members – a mother (Agrippina Steklova) and a son ( Alexander Paul). They go to the graves of the middle way, where their ancestors are buried. An old woman and a young man are still thinking – a lot of claims have been collected, and the topic is not just a “parents and children” argument (although, of course, it is not trivial too). And through the places of these special cases of small accidents in one family, you can look at the great history of the whole country, which survived long in the 20th century.



When various films win in Russia, it’s always a joy. There is so much more when it comes to regional cinema. However, it is time to get used to the fact that in Yakutia for this situation they know the emergency. Costas Marsaan’s epic horror Ichchi begins as an intense family drama set in the northern desert, then quickly spirals into a wild and insane adventure that has no easy exit. Including Marsaan himself, who made the ending confusing. What in the general background – more than impressive – is very accurate. Review – here.

“Future Marriage”


Another success of the genre came from an unexpected place: from the side of romantic comedies. Aleksey Nuzhny managed to create an original model of the style covered with moss for a long time, transferred and ironic in the spirit of Black Mirror and light (and it is in good shape now .only in this form, don’t refer to Christopher Nolan) temporary fantasy. The heroes of Sergei Burunov and Maria Aronova will fall from 2040 to 2020, the exact date of their relationship. Family life did not take them for a long time, and they decided to prevent the unfortunate event. For some reason, they keep hurting each other. Of course, it’s not “for some reason”, it means, but in the end the project can be crowned with a happy ending. But you can close your eyes to this stretch, because the comedy is really good. Sometimes it’s funny. Review – here.

“black snow”


As we have already said, Yakut cinema is not lost. Another favorite of the republican cinema is the interesting one by Stepan Burnashev, only formality can prevent him from adding the prefix “cute”. Trucker Gosha, who poisoned his compatriots with burning vodka, even tore off three skins, because of greed, went on a long journey. There he was struck by misfortune: the truck broke down in the middle of a snow-covered walk, and, unsuccessfully, Gosha was crushed by a multi-ton truck. There is no place to hope for help, and the unlucky person has to carry out the dream battle for life alone. Picture it with a natural look and awesome details. In a word, “Black Snow” easily connected “127 Hours” Danny Boyle on the belt, really. Review – here.

Trilogy “Bender”

You may not believe it and raise an excited eyebrow, but Igor Zaitsev’s funny project turned out to be very beautiful. Although, in general, there is nothing to be surprised about here, friends, if we remember what the reaction of the “Gogol” poster was in the first place, and what kind of good it is and the way it looks. After all, “Bender” “Gogol” – the closest relative. It’s the same silly parodies and the same Hollywood entertainment with a place close to the heart of Russia (with Taisiya Vilkova being naked!). In this case, we are talking about the chaos of the Civil War, reflected, by the way, in all the wonderful diversity of Russian violence. Even the famous repetition of Sergei Bezrukov, who is the father of Ostap Bender, Ibrahim, as sometimes, only decorates the impressive tape, and the elaborate parade of secondary characters. Reviews – here and here.

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