The president of Argentina was inoculated with the Russian “Sputnik V”

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Argentine President Alberto Fernández during a meeting at the Kremlin. Photo: Sergey Karpukhin/TASS

On February 3, Argentine President Alberto Fernández flew to Moscow for talks with Vladimir Putin. The US State Department urged the Latin American leader to cancel a visit to Russia in support of Washington’s policy. But he chose to be friends with us, saying that he wants to get rid of the “corset” of countries.

But for most of the open introduction, the presidents didn’t talk about the West, but about our vaccine.

– Argentina is the first country to register Sputnik-V in the West. Of the 20 million doses under contract, about 15 have been delivered. Production of Sputnik has begun in Argentina, 6 million pods have been produced. Now the registration of Sputnik-M is being decided for young people,” Putin said, thanking Fernández for the good vaccination of the population (78% of Argentines have been vaccinated).

For reference, today we have vaccinated 48% of the population.

The Russian president expressed regret that the Argentine president did not spend much time in Moscow. Tomorrow, February 4, the two politicians will travel to China for the opening of the Olympic Games.

“But here, in a calm and homely atmosphere, we will discuss bilateral issues and the international situation,” Putin said.

In response, Fernández said his country appreciates Russia’s help with vaccines. When the pandemic started, the rest of the world did nothing for the country to help it fight the coronavirus.

– I received two doses (Sputnik – ed.). I waited with the third dose to continue with the Sputnik vaccine, Fernández shared.

“Me too,” the Russian president said with a smile.

The Latin American politician said Argentina could be a “gateway” to the country, a “bridge” for cooperation.

Fernandez said that since the early 1990s, his country has focused on the United States. For this reason, Argentina owes a lot to Washington and the IMF. Now the national authorities are only doing what they are trying to do to close these accounts.

– I am willing to recover from the corset of the IMF and the United States, – said the leader of Argentina.


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