The Russian biathlon team won the historic “bronze” in the mixed relay

During the season, the biathletes did not have the opportunity to try the Olympic track in Zhangjiakou, China, a city located 200 km from Beijing and at an altitude of more than 1,500 meters above sea level. of the sea. So, just days before the start of the 2022 Games, athletes will have to get used to two weather conditions: unpredictable winds and cold weather. “The mixed media showed that there were many surprises in Zhangjiakou in these circumstances.

It looks like our team’s coaching staff put together a great lineup. The only questions are about Latypov, whose condition remains a mystery after contracting covid in January. Therefore, Eduard’s stage is the most difficult to evaluate: he was the first to pass the last stage and took the “gold”, therefore, “only” our team got a bronze medal.

However, after the first two stages of sleep, even the “brass” seemed too confident. Nigmatullina, who started the competition, passed the baton to Reztsova, when the difference with the leader was almost a minute. Cristina, who was hoping for a miracle, did not show it this time. In addition, in the cart, the Russian woman does not have enough carts to close all the targets.

– Here, in principle, there is a difficult atmosphere, – said Reztsova after the competition. – When I got to the county, I had to wait for the wind to pass. When I fired five shots and started reloading, the tremors started again and I was very shaken. I had a hard time hitting the target.

But the miracle happened, but one step later. The best close-up shot came from the least expected, Alexander Loginov. A mistake at the last gun cost Sasha more than one race, but in Zhangjiakou he did it. The absence of Loginov and only two additional cards in the “rack” turned everything upside down. Not without signs of a short distance between the Russians and the leader: Eduard Latypov was the first to reach the last place.

He was also before and after the last match. After suffering from the coronavirus, Eduard has succeeded in completing the battles. In the men’s relay race at the World Cup in Anterselva, Italy, Latypov recovered by 15 seconds from his competitors and confidently saw the finish line. Those opponents are not the only competitors of the season: the dispute for the “gold” presented by the Russian and the three-time world champion Johannes Boe from Norway and the leader of his current classification, the Frenchman Fillon Maillet. And it seems that Edward was mistaken. Until the last meters, the Russian stayed ahead of this group, but was not strong enough for the final run.

– Edik went up to the last descent at first without success, – the head coach of the men’s team, Yuri Kaminsky, said his decision. – It is necessary to be at least the second, and maybe the third. I had no such experience… Well, I told him to let it go. Recommended. Yes, he himself, when he saw the way, said that here he should be behind the opponent. But he is not today.

Eduard himself, in his dealings with journalists, did not agree with this idea.

– I chose this method because I thought I would be able to handle the migration situation better. He rested a little, but not enough. I do not regret that I chose a different method. There is no telling how things would have turned out if I had stayed behind my opponents backs. They are very good, – Latypov expressed his opinion.

But Eduard’s absence from the final competition and Kaminsky’s own feelings, “a bit sad and simple”, do not hide the fact that this “bronze” is an unsuccessful domestic biathlon. Not for the sheer drama of the race, but for the often difficult times that this sport faces in our country. It seems that even last year, the public dream of an Olympic medal was self-deprecating. Yes, even the current season, despite all the successes in the region, has not been very successful for our players. It is enough to remember the covid of Latypov himself, so there is a high probability that the whole Olympics will be lost. So it’s only fair that everyone talks about the “brass” that was won.

– This is a victory, because they can be fifth, – Ulyana Nigmatullina.

– This is a victory for us, even if it is not gold. We do well against such opponents, – Kristina Reztsova.

– That’s a good ending for today. This “bronze” is a medal won, and not given like this, – Alexander Loginov.

And finally, Latypov’s words.

– Against all odds, this is like a miracle. For the team this is very good. I have a lot of emotions. I thank God that I was supported by the family, the coaching staff.


2022 Olympic Biathlon

February 7 (Monday)

12.00 Women. Individual race 15 km.

February 8 (Tuesday)

11:30 am People. Individual race 20 km.

February 11 (Friday)

12.00 Women. Sprint 7.5 km.

February 12 (Saturday)

12.00 Men. Sprint 10 km.

February 13 (Sunday)

12.00 Women. 10 km chase.

13.45. People. 12.5 km chase.

February 15 (Tuesday)

12.00 Men. 4×7.5 km print.

February 16 (Wednesday)

10.45. Woman. 4×6 km print.

February 18 (Friday)

12.00 Men. Starting mass 15 km.

February 19 (Saturday)

12.00 Women. Starting mass 12.5 km.

* – Moscow time is indicated everywhere.

Organized by Mikhail Shcherban


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