They hacked the system: the Swiss changed gender to retire early

In good Switzerland, the citizens, by right or wrong, leave early for a good rest.

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Pension reform is a big problem not only for Russia. In good Switzerland, the citizens, by right or wrong, leave early for a good rest. According to “Luzerner Zeitung”, one of the citizens of the country decided to go very far – to change his citizenship and get the desired benefits.

The situation is that for the people of the mountainous country, the transfer from one “sexual status” to another is not difficult, and only paying the official expenses of 75 Swiss francs (6,250 rubles ). You submit an application and that’s it: now you have become a citizen of the country with a post corresponding to the article. A similar law came into force in the Confederation in 2022 to make life easier for LGBT people.

As a result, instead of the 65 years required by law for men’s retirement, the “transgender” ends up resting a year earlier, without work or hormone therapy. or In fact, the officials questioned her to make sure she really thought she was a woman. That’s what observers can learn in 10 minutes of conversation? They should take the candidate at his word.

District attorneys have already begun to discuss what constitutes a legal malpractice. After all, this is, for example, a very legal way to avoid military action. At 18, you ask to be recognized as a woman, and at 30, after the age of military service, you ask for the rights of a man again. And now, for 150 francs, you get rid of the headache of having to go to military training camps.

But perhaps with the help of the law, these “new figures” can demand the benefits and privileges of women, workplaces and elections to the authorities.


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