Vaccination of adolescents against COVID-19 began in Moscow

On Monday, January 31, the vaccination of young people between the ages of 12 and 17 began in the city. According to the central office for the control and monitoring of the situation with the coronavirus, it is now possible to get live vaccines at 13 open vaccination sites on children’s clinics in the city. All Muscovites whose children are in this age group can register and vaccinate their children.

Svetlana Pavlova, the head of the children’s clinic of the city N 39, said: “One of the points opened to us, and the first people who want to be vaccinated have had a chance this. None of the young people suffered any serious illness after the injection. Before After the injection, the patient was examined by a doctor, and then the young person stayed in the clinic for some time so that the doctor checking his condition.

Let me remind you that the dose of the Sputnik M vaccine that is injected into young people is one fifth of the Sputnik V vaccine for adults, the effectiveness and safety of many Muscovites have very knowledgeable. There are two more sessions that should be done with the same frequency, after 21 days. But you only have to register for the first injection, the registration for the second one is done automatically. One day before the event, you will receive an SMS message with a reminder of the date, time and address you need to attend.

Last week, announcing the start of the vaccination campaign, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Policy Anastasia Rakova said that the vaccination of young people will be carried out on a voluntary basis, based on parents request. Evidence of this at the time of vaccination is a written statement from the parent or legal guardian for informed consent for medical intervention. But Moscow needs a vaccine now more than ever. If at the beginning of the coronavirus disease, the disease of children is small and often carries the new virus, and with the arrival of the Omicron valley in the city, the increase disease of COVID-19 in children. decoration In the last two weeks, it has increased tenfold, to 120 cases per day. In this way, the city was forced to abandon the planned treatment for children, since half of them were infected in hospitals. To reduce this risk, there is a short-term break in cases that can delay hospitalization for two to three weeks.

None of the teenagers suffered any serious illness after being vaccinated.

And today, from February 1, the city increased the number of covid beds for children to 1.3 thousand and gave them the hospital named after GN Speransky. “We register a number of hospitalizations of children with COVID-19 every day,” Anastasia Rakova said about the authorities’ decision. “Therefore, for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic, we need more beds for children. All that is necessary here is for patients to receive quality treatment and to heal themselves healthy”. According to the deputy mayor, two more state hospitals will start accepting small patients in the future: the Children’s Hospital of Russia and the National Medical Research Center for Children’s Health. But the best thing, pediatricians agree, is to prevent the disease, especially now that young people have access to it.

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You can choose a vaccination site on the website You have a birth certificate or passport of the child, as well as a health insurance policy issued in Moscow, if the child is not enrolled in a health organization in the city. You also need SNILS – get a vaccination certificate on the portal

Vaccination is waived for exacerbations of chronic diseases, acute infectious conditions (eg, cold symptoms), participation in a clinical trial for a vaccine against COVID-19, and other vaccines in done within the last 30 days.


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